We only charge for tracked users. Admins and managers are free according to the plan

$25 /year


Unlimited Users
Real-time Location on Mobile
Maps on Mobile Only
1 Office, Team & Manager
$5 /mon

Basic plan

Per User Per Month
Real-time Location on Mobile & Web
Maps Access on Mobile & Web
Multiple Offices*
$10 / mon

Advance plan

Per User Per Month
Advance Reporting
    Starter Basic Advance
Attendnace Real-time attendance with Geo-Tags & address.
Time-Sheet Get total duration worked for easy payroll.
Leave Management Let employees manage their leaves right from the app.
Expense Manager Manage employee expenses, upload bills & reimburse.
Real-Time Location Track real time location of the employees.
Route Map On Mobile Exact route maps to ensure they are not deviating.
Route Map On Web Check the route map on your desktop.
Real-Time Reporting Get visits report, meeting markers in real time.
Route Distance Calculator Automatically calculate distance traveled throughout the day.
Image Upload Upload images against the visits as a proof.
Signature Upload Get customer's signature as proof of delivery.
Beat Plan Schedule jobs in advance for your field staff.
Maps On Mobile Check maps on mobile through manager's app.
Maps On Web Check maps right on your desktop for routes, locations & visits.
Offices Create multiple offices. Required if you have presense in multiple locations. 1 5 50
Managers Every office is managed by Managers, who are handling teams. 1 5 50
Teams Every employee you want to track must be part of a team, under an office. 1 5 50
Custom Form Get custome forms for collection, payments, etc., as per your need. 1 5
Geo-Fence Get alerts when somebody moves-in or out of a virtual fence.
InstaTrack Get real-time location on map, updated every 5 seconds.
API Access Integrate location and visits data with third party apps.
Telephonic Support Telephonic support will be charged $5 per hour.
Ticket Based Support 24x7 Ticket based support is available for all our customers.
Self Service Self service community support for all our free users.
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