Time-sheet allows you to easily monitor Clock-In and Clock-Out times of your employees, total working hours, leaves and productive hours.
An advance time-sheet solution like TeamSpoor make payroll a breeze. Just select the date range and download all the data on your desktop.
TeamSpoor time sheet also allows you to bound users to geograpic region for the calculation of working hours.
Geo-fencing is a best solution to track a remote employee or a person who should remain confined to a particular area like a shop in a mall.

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Employee Attendance

Get your employee's attendance right from the mobile App with geo-location and address. Attendance through a geo-enabled app saves a lot of time of the employees (especially in sales, marketing and repair) who has to go to their office just to mark the attendance.
With TeamSpoor employee attendance solution, the employees can mark their attendance from anywhere in the world and starting working right from there, saving fuel cost, time and money for the company.
Since, all the attendance data is marked with geo-location and time-stamped, it can not be faked and once the employee is on field, managers will get the alerts whenever an employee is wasting his time.

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Best Suited For Field Force

Let your field force work independently, yet keep a tab on their activities.
Save their time, fuel and carbon footprints.

Start the day right from the field

Send them directly to client's location

Ensure they work during official hours