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Track your employees in real-time from your desktop or mobile. Automated reports, alerts and geo-tagged attendance with performance analysis.

TeamSpoor is the world's only free employee tracking app, for Android and iOS.

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Real Time Location Tracking

Real-time Location

Track real-time location of the employees during working hours. Most affordable staff tracking system.

Performance Analysis of Employees

Performance Analysis

Beautiful and informational graphs to judge the performance of your on-field staff and teams.

Real time reporting

On-time Reporting

Real-time reporting allows faster decision making and upto date data from the field staff all the time.


Attendance & Visits Report

Best attendance app for employees. Track attendance right from the mobile app with geo location and also get visits reports in real time.

Location Tracking

Employee location tracking system to track real time location of all your employees all day long right from their mobile. Location data comes with route map, which enables you to determine whether your employees were working or not.

Employee Location Tracking

Extra components to manage your business better.

Our HRMS components help companies in their payroll. From automatic conveyance calculator to leave & attendance management to expense manager.
Route Distance Calculator

Route Distance Calculator

Automatically calculates the distance traveled by your team from checked-in time to checked-out time. No more guess work.

Leave Management HRMS

Leave Management (HRMS)

Manage leaves right from the TeamSpoor app. No more sending mails and missed communications. Allow managers or HRs to approve/reject in a click of button.

Expense Manager

Expense Manager

Upload the expenses right from the mobile in real-time with an image of the bill. No more paper work and missed reimbursements.

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Most Advance Field Force Tracking Solution

Manage your field force right from your computer.

Works anywhere in the world, offline or online. Real-time reporting ensures highest productivity.

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Our Pricing Plans.

Our plans are designed to meet the requirements of both beginners and players. Get the right plan that suits you. Pricing is only for users being tracked per user per month.


  • Real-time Location
  • Attendance
  • Maps on Mobile
  • Reporting Automation
  • Single Teams & Offices


  • Real-time Location
  • Attendance
  • Maps on Desktop
  • Reporting Automation
  • Multiple Teams & Offices


Having more than 100 users? Contact us for custom plan and pricing
  • Free CRM
  • Route Distance Calculator
  • HRMS (Leave Management)
  • Geofence
  • InstaTrack
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Available on Google Play Store

Frequently asked questions

Drop us a word if your questions isn't listed here. Well get to you within 24 hours

What exactly is TeamSpoor?

TeamSpoor is a field force management software, which provides real-time employee location tracking, performance analytics, attendance and leave management, time-sheet, route distance calculator and real-time reporting.

TeamSpoor helps managers and senior management to track the performance of their field or remote staff in real-time and fill the revenue leaks.

Is this free employee tracking app?

Yes, it is a free employee tracking app with life time validity for unlimited users. Add as many employees you want and you can track them in real time.

Is Route Distance Calculator available in free plan?

No, route distance calculator is only available in our enterprise plan.

What are the prerequisite of getting the service?

To start the tracking, your employees must have a smart phone running Android 4.4+ or iOS 8 with an active data plan (internet connectivity). Also, the smartphone should support GPS functionality.