Why teamspoor is need of the hour for your business?

  • Track your Sales staff in real time with ease…

Worried to find out the actual efforts being put by your On-field Sales Team? Don’t worry, TeamSpoor can help you find it. With this smart app, you can keep a Hawk’s Eye over your on-field Sales Team. Track their current geographical locations with precision and Find out if a member is actually at the specified Place. Be Informed, Stay relaxed.

  • Stay in touch with your team through free Messages, from Anywhere, at Anytime…

This Mobile App will help you maintain healthy communication with your team members. Guide them in real-time, send free messages and monitor the work progress with complete authority. Connect with each Team member individually while sitting back in the office itself.

  • Record the Attendance of your Team with real-time Precision.

Maintaining the attendance of your on-field Sales staff at their Real-time location. You don’t always need an attendance register to mark one’s presence. This App maintains precise real-time attendance record of your On-field Team Members which are busy with their field work. Things were never controlled so effectively for on-field activities.

  • Get the exact distance traveled by each Team member in Real-Time

Are you also confused about the differences in actual distance travelled and distance shown by the On-field Employees? Don’t feel helpless, download our app to track the actual distance traveled by each team member individually. Keep the attendance record precise. Can’t get simpler, Can it?

  • Track whether they have visited a client or not

Be honest and answer, Don’t you doubt if your Staff actually met a Client or not? There is a reason why TeamSpoor stands tall, all in all. By using the App alone, you can ensure if your Staff has actually engaged with Client or not. Access every activity of the Staff member and keep the proceedings under check.

  • Get Real-time reports after each meeting with Client.

Keen to know about the report of a on-field client meet? Find it out with our proficient Mobile App which makes your Team members report to you after each meet in real-time. So don’t get stressed and maintain fluent real-time meeting reports. So don’t just know where your team is but also find out how each Team Member is performing for automated DSR(Daily Sales Report).

  • Calculate the productive hours with the help of Meet duration calculator.

Are you concerned about the efficiency of your on-field Sales Team? Find the Solution with our App which can also calculate the time spent on productive activities by your Team members. Just switch on the calculator before the task and close it once finished. The controlling your Business is much simpler with just one App. Download it now and get rolling.

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