Why Is Employee Tracking Righteous and Trustworthy?

Employees are the backbone of the business. If they are honest and hardworking, it will definitely add to your business and you will have a good set of people around you.

If you are still living in a dilemma that employee tracking is not legal and unethical then you should change your mind. Employee tracking is an activity where employees everyday report is recorded and send to the manager.

This helps in few of the following activities:

First, it can help protect your company from theft and other harm.

Second, it also ensures that the workplace is free of harassment and secure in case of lawsuits.

Third, employees feel motivated towards their work and work hard with the aim to prove to their managers.

A company started using employee tracking on workplace!!

The manager started noticing employees behavior a little strange when he went for a round and saw that employees are hiding their computer screen. When applied monitoring the manager fired few people, the reason being that some tried to hide their work and do their personal work, which aroused questions on their sincerity while working.

Employee monitoring is the reason which led only efficient employees on the roll. When asked in a survey that does employees are fine with monitoring done on them? 7 out of 10 agreed.

If you are planning to monitor your field staff and want to keep an eye on them that whether they are performing their work on time and with full dedication then you must use employee tracking application which is a mobile application used for tracking employees who go out related to work on the field.

Check out what organization have to say when being asked that do they prefer doing monitoring of employees or not?

employee tracking

Below are some 4 effective tips which you must keep in mind while planning to have the same for your sales employees.

1.Set a written policy

When you have decided to take the action of monitoring your staff, you must set a written policy about how monitoring will be done and how the data will be secured. By setting a written policy your employees will be aware that it is legal and absolutely fine when done on them.

If you will set rules beforehand, you could easily protect your business and your employees by keeping intact with their activities.

2.Notify it to your workforce

Informing your workforce about tracking beforehand when you decide it is quite essential. As they should know that you are going to track them and you will get notified about their activity. If they will have knowledge about the same, they will try to prove themselves by performing better.

Having transparency between employee and manager will let employees feel confident and things will not run into moral or legal issues.

3.Encourage participation

To decide to involve the participation, you must encourage employees to participate to create surveillance. You must track employees in such way that it is acceptable to them as well as you. If employees know that it is the right thing being adopted then it will surely increase employees participation.

When you have a number of employees supporting tracking, it will make you easy to track them without feeling discomfort or making them feel discomfort.

4.Use high tech tools

You must feel relieved that you are into this technological advancements. You can use technology tools like employee tracking application which lets you draw the outline of your staff’s productivity. This also ensures that your staff is up to the mark and are performing tremendously.

If you still aren’t aware of the technological tools available to get an update of your employee’s activities then you must try employee tracking application as it is one of the easiest and useful mobile application which helps a lot in increasing your field staff productivity.

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