What Mistakes Could You Avoid While Tracking Employees With Smartphone Apps?

Every big company has an internet. The internet helps an organization to connect to the world and make their work easier, from an employee to his manager everyone uses the internet for performing his/her duty. Usage of the internet is a way wider than you can think, you can use in your systems to smartphones and also in tracking your workforce.

There are certain precautions which every manager takes while tracking his team members and he needs authentic and real data of the employee when on the field so that he can be assured of his timing and location. It can be done through a mobile application which is for tracking his team. A smartphone application used for tracking employee details helps a manager get authentic data with his real-time location.

Condition of a Manager before using a Smartphone App and mistakes he made while tracking his on-field team.

A manager knows his duty i.e how to perform his tasks and for details of his on-field staff’s whereabouts, he relies on their data. But that doesn’t make a manager satisfied as he doesn’t know whether the data collected by his staff is authentic or not. He might make few mistakes, check down the mistakes made by a manager.

  • Blind Trust on Employee’s Data

It is important to build trust on employee’s data but blind trust generally lead to many bad repercussions making the on-field staff to manipulate some data according to his preference. Trust your staff up to some extent but not blindly because finally, you have to bear the repercussions.

For example, the managers sent five of his employees for meeting the client. Two of them went directly to the client and three went to the mall and then went to meeting the client. When they returned and reported to manager the three who went to the mall first said their late returning is due to traffic.

This data is false and the manager has no other option just to trust them and which may result in less productivity.

  • Manual Data might fall short somewhere

When the recording of data is done manually based on the information provided by the executives, lead to some mistakes as one cannot have accurate data information without a written record. A computer record cannot beat a human’s mind which requires a real and visual proof.

For example, If an employee went out on the field to meet client then he cannot remember each and every detail unless he makes a written update of the same.

  • Fail to Communicate with Employees

The way manager communicates with his employees and the treatment he gives is what motivates an employee and want to work harder to maintain that decorum. And if the manager fails to communicate with his staff then he might make some error in recording some data.

For example, An employee went out to meet the client and a manager keeps communicating with the employee regarding his progress and whereabouts helps in making the report and if he fails to communicate then it may lead to less productivity and mismanagement of data.

  • Throw Employee under the Bus

Blaming employees if anything goes wrong is what some managers do and is totally not appreciated. When it is your responsibility you must take it on your shoulders and not just make your way and get aside.

For example, When a manager knows his responsibility he must stand by it all the time and not blame his staff otherwise they may not like you and you may look like an idiot. They will be waiting for the other shoe to fall.

The above mistakes made by a manager when tracking his on-field employees can be easily avoided with the help of a smartphone employee tracking app as it provides various essential benefits.

How a smartphone employee tracking app has helped a manager in tracking his on-field team and made him avoid mistakes.

A mobile employee tracking application is a great way for a manager to easily keep a track on his employee as it provides real-time information from the time an employee has pressed the check-in button in the app, his real-time location, and also maintains the DSR (Daily Sales Report).

Check out some of the results which have helped the manager to improve productivity by a smartphone app.

  • Builds Employee’s Trust

A smartphone employee tracking app helps an employee to trust more on whatever he does. As an employee knows he is being tracked by his manager and cannot present false report, this makes an employee work harder as his every activity is being recorded.

For Example, An employee went out on the field and was stuck in the traffic before the meeting and arrived late. This ensures an employee that his manager will trust him and not think he is lying as his real-time location has been shared with the manager.

  • Eases Manager’s Workload

With an employee tracking app manager becomes free and his workload eases as he gets the Daily Sales Report of his employee with accurate data. He can now focus more on authentic details rather than assuming things.

For example, A manager has a lot of other important duties than tracking his employee’s activity. This app makes it easy for a manager to concentrate on his work more and not take the pressure of his field executive details.

  • Trust Factor develop between an employee and a manager

Now, an employee and a manager don’t feel afraid of the authenticity of data that they work with an open and easy mind as an employee has a constant thought that his activity is being recorded and which helps in discriminating between a hardworking employee and less efficient employee. And on the contrary, a manager doesn’t have to keep updated of all the activity done by his executive as he knows that at the end he will get authentic data.

For Example, A manager is not in the office then also he can keep a check on his field staff and there cannot be any mishappening and partiality which develops trust factor between a manager and an employee.

  • Generate Authentic Report

A great way to increase productivity in the business is to do whatever work but the data should be authentic rather than manual. A smartphone tracking app will help a manager in providing real data which will result in giving all the accurate information of his on-field employees every sales activity.

For Example, If a manager has a record of the data written and he knows that is authentic and real then he will not think twice.

Thus, A Smartphone Employee Tracking App is a great way to avoid silly mistakes and focus more on increasing productivity of business.


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