What is ‘Field Staff Tracking’ and how it is Important to Business?

Tracking has a very broad sense in the business industry. Vehicle tracking, GPS tracking, call tracking, stock tracking, freight tracking etc. are some of the most important processes, businesses are following strictly today.

Big thanks to the IT sector which has provided with the most satisfactory tracker app for each problem in order to optimize the business model. Each small or big unit is important to be monitored as it gives a clear picture of business’ current status.

Now the most important question is what according to you makes a true foundation for any company?

The salespeople, right?

The whole business revenue entirely depends upon the sales staff. Hence, it is very important to keep tabs on them. For this purpose, a sales force tracking solution is a great help!

What is Field Staff Tracking?

It is location tracker app which is used to track the sales team. It is more or less like a torch light that helps to find the ways where employees are walking upon. Checking whether salespeople are meeting to the assigned prospects or not, finding where the sales team is, sharing important information like deal closed or not and suggesting how to handle in case if sales executive meets any confusing question from customer side etc. are some of the key features of this tracker solution.

Field Force Tracker is not a spy tool and here is how!

Suppose you book a flight for you. Don’t you check the flight status whether it is the right time or delayed?

Of course, you do!

But behind this tracking, you don’t keep any intentions of checking if airlines are doing their work fine or not rather you simply collect information so you could manage your time accordingly.

Now, when a manager is monitoring employees why people think it is simply because he is checking whether the salespeople are working at the workplace or not. The only reason is, tracking is the best solution to managers for being connected to the outside business sitting inside the organization.

Hopefully, you will not scratch your head anymore on this issue!

Tracker software can track people, shared resources!

As per statistical data resource utilization of a company is 100% but only 48% employees efficiently use the resources, rest use for their personal comfort.

Here is a good example…

Initially, when there were only 25 employees in our organization, the measured productivity level was too low. The rumored reasons behind this were less staff strength, vulnerable products or services etc. But the shocking results could be seen after incorporating the tracking concept; only 12 out of 25 were working strictly while rest were busy in gossiping or some other personal tasks. Though it was very disappointing but also opened a perfect way for managers to take the business in a right direction. The app helped largely in streamlining all the employees for filtering more productivity. After the successful run of the app, the productivity level recorded an increase of 54%.

Tracking doesn’t enable managers only to get the real time information but acts as a helpful tool for better decision making. Necessary modifications are made into the business for satisfactory customer experience. Read more….