Try Being an Employee Manager and Not Just a Boss!

If you believe that you own your employees completely, than you are outrightly unfair and greedy a person to be managing them . This nevertheless flawed and untowardly attitude to with your employees can’t produce good results ever. The argue in support of their wrong practice by picking up points conveniently to manipulate an assumption to their desired interest. Such a argument is bossy at best and must not be seen as a valid argument.

Why don’t you ever wonder if behaving like a guiding figure to an employee or ferociously disgustful boss can be important factor for their productivity and performance? You must because employee productivity begins with, from here…

An Adamantly Dismissive De-motivating Ridiculous Boss!

Will these many will do or you wished few more adjectives…

It is not reasonable to think that you may fully control the life of person if you hire him as a professional. It is merely a voided manipulation that one is suitably picking up to impose a your constructed decision without be that wrong guy whom the employees could see as a reasonably strict boss. So you conveniently force a decision by clever factual reasoning for ‘own’ profit. In all, you will know that it will be too biased of you to do to a person. Allow your employees sufficient time to deal with their personal and private liabilities.

You can never get an employee who could actually quit his personal life for the profession of your company. To such people, who expect this vague possessiveness from their employees, it never happens, not at least in the current generation. People who actually dedicate their life for a cause are those who do it for the welfare of humanity with a kind heart, noble mind and physical labor. I am only asking such peoples to get a life for themselves because they definitely don’t have one. Or else, there is no way one could ignore personal responsibilities of anyone else’s life.

Anyways, you shouldn’t expect good long term professionals to serve you for long with such pathetic attitude. They can choose from other professional opportunities similar to yours. Any employee does not work under this much distress and always prepared to switch to a better place to work at. There is nothing optimistic left in your employees if they are made to work under suffocated profession environment and it will also be the case for you. When you are being such a boss, you should always know that there is no place for work left in their mind, and to be specific, working for your business is just what’s needful to do for salary. They will have no wish to perform better, because to them, it’s just like working for someone who view at with sore eyes. How the hell can they work to someone’s wish if he constantly ridicules you. It’s obvious for any human being to abscond at first real chance that they could see.

Being a Caring, Kind, Sensible and Encouraging Employee Manager!

I have used too many adjectives for both the Boss and the Manager whom you need to choose between. There is clear cut divide between the two. It is just like being right or wrong, ill or fit, ethical or unethical and most importantly moral or immoral. Have you ever wondered what influences your employee to give the best shot at everything they do for you. The behavior is called Employee Manager, which I consider altogether a different thing than being the boss.

Your company needs someone who can infuse a new life into your team. Your energy transpires a new motivation to them. Your sensibilities make them have more trust of following your guidance. They would respect you as someone whom they look at with great hope. They find you amongst one of the best person to share his issues knowing that it matters to you if you see the employee in trouble and help him out with proper support and assistance.

The business should care to see the interest of its employees too if they hope that your employee should work for you with pleasure. If he gets to see but only pressure left about in his job then, no person would be fool around for long at the same place.

To get the employee to think about your business, you need to let him feel the care and importance by the business to him. Love reciprocates and employee would reciprocate with similar for his professional responsibilities with sincere efforts.

So choice is yours to make. Either be a Boss without letting all others along with yourself to get a life or you will be the manager whose face is synonymous to respect for his employees. One is productive, other is compulsive and it will shape the life of your’s with the business of your’s…

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