Track Employee Location In A Way That Eases Volume Of Work For Both Manager and Sales Employee!

‘Employee location’!? Does this word give employees chill to the bone and they feel uncomfortable that their location is being shared with his employer? Well, it happens and some employers feel that it is not right for him to track their employee’s location, as the reason can be any like they trust them, they know their employee will give them right report, they may also feel that their employer may not like it and may quit their job.

But, you have to see the bright side of it too! As employee location tracking is not a spying tool and whatever and however your employees are, this is definitely a need for both and will be liked by both a manager and an employee.

Why Do Employees Like To Get Tracked?

Yes, gone are the days when an employee feels uncomfortable with thinking about the manager is keeping a constant watch on him! Even now they love to get tracked. Want to know the reasons?

  • To work better, more efficient and for work allocation

Employees are been allotted with a certain work, which he do it keeping in mind he is getting tracked. Well, this can be taken in a positive way as the employee will feel the need to deliver the best performance so that he shines out from others. This will encourage employees and he will be able to work better with more efficiency.

  • Ensures their safety

When a sales employee goes out on the field to meet the client in various remote areas, he does not need to get concerned about his location, no matter how far he is as his manager keep a track of his location and even the shortest route can be known easily. An employee feels safe and can go to any long route.

  • Make everything automatic

This means that employees can easily send their report with 100% accuracy and don’t need to worry about the sales report. When employee location is shared with his manager, the employee feels at ease that his real-time location is shared with the full automated report.

  • After check out, GPS gets turn off

Another reason that employee prefer sharing his location is when his work is done, he can easily check out from the GPS being shared with his manager and this makes him comfortable that now he can easily do his personal stuff.

How Manager’s Work Gets Reduced?

A manager can easily get benefitted from location tracking of employees as he doesn’t have to think much about his employees and this eases a lot of burden of the manager.

  • Locate employee’s real time location

The manager has a lot of work to do, he has to manage every department from sales, support, marketing and more. But when a field employee is put for work, it is not so difficult to track, if he has the power to access employees location.

  • Visibility of employee location

Turn up your mobile phone and manage your employee’s locations and this makes it easy for you to know which employee is first i.e. which employee is working efficiently and who are not. Automated report makes it worthy for the excel on his field without bothering employees much about their report and asking them to send it.

  • Proven data to support client invoicing

The expense and the bill showed by employees prove to be right as the information is generated automatically and the manager cannot have doubt on it. As there are many chances that employee show some tampering in the data and bill collectors. With tracking, the manager can easily trust the data.

  • Easy decision making

When a manager gets the report of employees activities, it makes easy for him to manage the important decisions. Earlier he got to make reports of every employee individually but now he can easily know his sales employees activities. This also results in making the decisions based on the performance of his employee and result in lesser stress towards the work.

The location tracking of employees are helpful for both managers and employees and those who think that it is a taboo, certainly need to upgrade their knowledge.

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