This is How You Increase Sales by Field Report Automation?

Success is nostalgia. An experience of distinguished euphoria that can’t be compared with any other joy of this world. It pleases the mind, rehabilitates the emotions and rejuvenates the body. But the joy of success for a Business largely depends upon its number of sales. A mess up can completely disdain and stress the whole planning. Many businesses left out behind in this market race. The get sidelined and lick their wounds hopelessly watching the competitors who get increased sales graph after every tenure.

Are you wondering how are they manage fluency?

This is probably because they never adopt automation for faster, effective and transparent sales process. The Sales Managers take up this responsibility of arranging each and every move as per the sales plan. There are plenty of things to manage considering the involvement of field sales force. Ironically while a manager manages the team working on the field from his air conditioned office, still it is the Manager who feels the heat more than the team members on field.

Keeping the things in a desired flow . He is to monitor and coordinate with different teams for different roles at times at different places to make sure that there is no compromise with the joy of travellers.

A Manager knows the importance of every minute detail in a sales plan. Just a small hiccup and the numbers tend to go berserk. It is really annoying to face a Manager going out of his mind to bash his team members in fury for the slightest of mistakes. And most Managers take it granted that at least few members of the team are playing with him.

He would pick up arguments even if it is for apparently no reason at all just for assurance judging it on the basis of reactions shown by the employee. Just spare a thought for such employees who face it every other day and how motivating it can be for them to work for the manager again?

To be fair, there are lot of complications in managing the proceedings from remote location. But that doesn’t mean you should keep grabbing their collars every now and then. It doesn’t help and is not intended to help anyways. It is just for self assurance that consoles a Manager. I wonder how such rudeness could ever increase your sales!

So, to take it into consideration, sales automation tools like Teamspoor provide a stable, reliable and uncompromising solution for management of field employees.

How Automation of Employee Report Increases Sales?

Sales process is not as cumbersome or clumsy as most of us believe it to be. Many businesses are regularly mocking at this false notion of complication by compiling higher sales charts with every passing month year after year. But those who fail to Increase sales to escape from their mistakes. And what’s better than blaming it all on the sales process itself !

Trying automation will of great help for your sales productivity because it keeps your sales team on the right track keeping the manager at center as a guiding principle. So, it basically helps your sales process aligned by adding 5 basic factors that definitely increases the efficiency of your sales process and therefore, increases sales graph without leaving the manager too much worried.

  • Transparency

The biggest problem is the connectivity and accessibility to track the progress being made from time to time. Yes, it is crazier than it sounds and every field manager knows it like hell. Never ever ask a field manager if you care for yourself and that isn’t an advice but a warning. You would know how serious it is for him to believe his team members without any way to verify it.

  • Precise Location Tracking

If you ever watch the activities of a manager, you would just find him banging his phone against the wall over and over again. And who won’t be frustrate if he has to call many people even though he knows that most of the calls will not be answered. So, if you see a manager switching his mobile phones every other day, you now know the reason behind it. You may suggest him to use the mobile for a better management by using the functions like GPS tracking etc. That can help.

  • Real Time Data Access

To ensure sales productivity, a Manager needs access to real time data that clearly conveys every action performed by his team members which they do on the field. Data is very important asset that helps a business in planning to reach a desired target at will. By the way, do you actually think that manager would care to know the Data after the irritation of making thousands of unanswered calls.

  • Interference for the Better

There is a certain sense of doubt in a field process which makes it brittle and vulnerable to many smaller factors that can’t be managed. That essentially means it has no power to lift a slumping performance on the go. We all know, Ability to adapt is vital for Evolution (I hope you know Dickens). A Business isn’t any different and needs a flexible interference at times.

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