These Signs Are A Sure Signal That Your Best Employee Is Planning To Leave

A good and dedicated employee is leaving the organization – is a bad signal and can hamper business productivity to a great extent.

Before hiring an employee four points are important to keep in mind. These are checking for integrity, smartness, passion and fit in the office culture. Once you find the candidate strong in all these lines, retaining him/her is entirely your responsibility.

A good employee never plans to quit his current job or thinking for a new one without reason. There remain some hidden reasons but to uncover those points you need to look at and analyze situation closely on a daily basis.

Sometimes work environment, sometimes salary hike issue or nature of work disturb the employees’ mind deeply and surround them inside an emotional atmosphere. You know this emotional confusion is extremely hard to deal with. If you want to keep your business run smoothly, you need to save your employees from reaching to this point of emotion.

Nothing happens sudden, everything is a slow process. Whatever shakes effectively is the outcome of following this slow process. Watch daily, keep a close watch on each moment, notice each little activity, note down the changes, find out the reasons and tackle all those with compelling solutions.

Sit with your dedicated employees, ask them what they like and dislike about the company. Give them enough space to share their ideas, welcome their thoughts and make them feel free.

Creativity is not someone’s patent. Ideas should always be appreciated whether those are coming from the boss or from their employees. Ego is a bad thing and takes very less time to spoil your relationship with your employee. Always remember, you and your employee both are working to serve the same purpose i.e. company growth. So just focus on collecting whatever profit your business.

Taking more work and giving no appreciation or reward in return eventually brings down the employee morale, which, in turn, results in less productivity. So, time to time ask your employees whether they are satisfied with their salaries or not and also try to read their persona. See, coordination is essential to keep the business on a right track. Keep your mind synchronized with whatever going on in your employee’s head.

If I talk about signs, the number one sign comes in the list is ‘changes in punctuality’. It is so simple to monitor. Any employee who works in a dedicated way, come office at the time and go on time or sometimes late in order to finish the work when starts getting casual or show some sort of carelessness towards the work, is giving you a direct signal that he is no more interested in working with you. So sit and discuss it in detail with him.

Nature of work matters. If one is given the same work to be done every day, irritation is obvious, especially who look to do something creative. So, incorporate some changes, challenge your team with new tasks and invite them to involve at the workforce with interest and passion.

These are certain traits that help you to retain your best employees in the organization.

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