TeamSpoor Tweaks Tracking Solution With ‘Multilingual Custom Form’

A compelling employee location tracking software TeamSpoor supports Multilingual Custom Form feature along with real-time location tracking, DSR (Daily Sales Report) Automation, unlimited messages, calculation of productive hours, attendance-absenteeism management, route distance calculator, fraud management, Geo Fencing and Vehicle Tracking.  A custom form is a customer remark detailing form opened by the application as soon as the meeting gets ended. This form is filled up by sales reps. After a comprehensive survey  on the report received by the advocate customers, TeamSpoor found setting up a default language (which was ‘English’ earlier in our application) for the ‘Custom Form’ had been causing a considerable stress among employees while filling the form. So, here the application is with the upgraded version that supports multilingual custom form through which the employees are enabled to fill the ‘custom form’ section in their preferred language. This not only cuts the employee pain but also creates a smooth communicational environment among all the employees and managers.

Custom Form is important to optimize the business model

The only and simple logic to improve sales is ‘listen carefully what your customers say’. Each word spitted out from your customer’s mouth can be an inspiration to introduce major business change. This is the reason, TeamSpoor application provides custom form facility, so whatever small or big a customer says can be written straight in the remark section by the salesperson. This data not only helps in better decision making but also gives an idea whether further effort should be given to close the deal or not.

Multiple details can be managed in one go if these are arranged systematically. TeamSpoor provides you with such arrangement where details of a customer or prospect such as deal status, feedback, requirements everything can be accumulated at one place and accessed in a few click from the same.

Since the data report received on the dashboard is 100% authentic so crucial decisions can be taken based on this data. It helps to revamp the whole business process in order to fetch the maximum revenue.

Language matters in Communication

Since it’s a human nature that we love talking to those who understand us and of course our language. This attitude doesn’t fall apart when someone is operating on any application; if they don’t find it convenient, reluctance is obvious from their side. So, in a move to make TeamSpoor more user friendly, it gives employees an option to fill the custom form in their own language or whatever language they want.

Research says not all sales reps are seen proficient in english language and sometimes if they are, they still prefer their native language over any other language. In such situation how can an app work successfully that keeps ‘english’ as a default language for setting up a communication? To make your communication easier and smooth TeamSpoor provides you with the multilingual custom form so you can connect to your customer and coworkers in the language you wish.

This new incorporation will certainly help businesses at a larger scale to revamp their productivity and business processes both.

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