10 Top Sales Strategies that can give sure shot results

Poor strategy is the main reason behind the failure of any start-up. Most of the businesses fail to plan and hence plan to fail. The Business owners or salespeople who aren’t realizing the results they desire, the reason behind this is usually because “They don’t have a sales strategy”. To be successful in a business … Read more

How to ensure work efficiency of your off-line sales team?

A headache is common symptom found in Business Managers especially when it comes to management of on-field Sales Team. But no matter what you do, you are always under an impression that things are falling apart. Everything about management is not as clear as it is, in the case of field employees. Just shouting on … Read more

Why teamspoor is need of the hour for your business?

Track your Sales staff in real time with ease… Worried to find out the actual efforts being put by your On-field Sales Team? Don’t worry, TeamSpoor can help you find it. With this smart app, you can keep a Hawk’s Eye over your on-field Sales Team. Track their current geographical locations with precision and Find … Read more