5 Noteworthy Benefits Of DSR On Your Business

An accurate recording of sales enables the tracking of finances, sales performance and helps you forecast the sales in offing. Daily Sales Report or DSR is a simple written report prepared by the sales team at end of the day and it is used basically for keeping tabs on them. It is a great way … Read more

What Extraordinary Things A Startup Can Do?

Only a powerful product and well trained manpower are not enough to list your startup in the successful business category. As an entrepreneur you must need to follow a proper business process otherwise your startup can collapse shortly. The extraordinary things, here I am talking about are  not the exceptional ideas rather implementing the common … Read more

Benefits Of Tracking Field Sales Force With GPS Based Check-ins

GPS monitoring and tracking app is a boon for the business world scenario. People have myths that it takes a ‘super power’ to find out if their sales team is working properly or not but it is simple for managers to be aware of all ‘ongoing-sales-activities’. Through it, better business ideas can be implemented to … Read more

How Cloud Based Apps Are Useful For Inside Sales Productivity

The current business world scenario is changing and the cloud computing technology is transforming the business models effectively. Even after a decade of its inception, it has been impacting business strategy like never before. The salesforce team is the main driving force behind many business changes hence it is very important for the field team … Read more