How To Uplift Productivity, Revenue And Employee Loyalty With Reporting Automation

reporting automation
Employees are often regarded as workers who work in an organization with the aim of getting a wage in return. Their productivity and hard work may vary according to the environment in the office. If you will provide them nice, healthy environment with a good salary; they will most probably retain with you. Especially now … Read more

6 Proven Factors That Surely Increase Sales Productivity!

You can easily get a million advice from as many free advisers who are waiting to prove their intellect by giving you tips. Even if they don’t know what the talk is all about. Every human sees the world differently and finds different probabilities and possibilities. Yet, it doesn’t mean it will be helpful. ‘Free … Read more

6 Sales Productivity Metrics That Matters The Most In Generating Sales

To capture monthly sales productivity of sales reps, sales productivity metrics is made that evaluates the best of employees and it is prepared on a day to day basis. The best way to bring out an ideal employee from your sales team is to track them. The efficiency a sales manager put in managing his … Read more