Track Employees With The Utmost Care As They Bring You Business

Do you know that over 68% of US are disengaged in their job? Well, the data is quite disheartening for a businessman as he is hiring employees for the only sake to bring in more productivity and generate profits. If a majority of workers are not performing their job sincerely it may lead to huge … Read more

For Sales Team Tracking, Step Into The Shoes Of Your Sales Team

You have a business, you run it, make profits from it but, do you know what your sales team sometimes feel? Have you ever tried to step into their shoes? Your sales team are the one which helps you generate business. If they are not happy, you cannot bring business and work ahead. So, to … Read more

Have You Incorporated Sales Force Automation On Your Business?

The increase in competition scattered leads, uneven distribution of resources and increasing rate of sales force together all can be a frightful situation. The more efforts you put in to increase sales the more you get dissatisfied by reduced productivity. If you are in a business handling sales force and dealing with the above-mentioned problems … Read more

DSR Automation: Best Business Process to Increase Transparency

The exponential rate of technological advancement is growing so fast. There was a time when the businesses were limited within certain parameters but now, for each new problem there is a technical solution. People are entirely dependent upon machines to perform tasks. One side, technology is a great help to reduce human efforts and time … Read more