The difference between ‘Hard-Work’ and ‘Smart-Work’!

There are many successful people whom we envy. “Damn it! I deserved it more than him” said an entrepreneur friend of mine in utter desperation. He wasn’t ready to digest the fact that his competitor successfully bagged multi-million dollar funding from a venture capitalist. “They are nowhere close to us in terms of service and … Read more

Concept of Field force Automation And Its Benefits Unleashed In The Simplest Terms

While the saying that an era of automation has cut-down on the need for manpower holds water, the fact that the automation has increased the efficiency and productivity cannot be ignored. Field-force automation is one such term that has been used often for automating the tasks of sales team working on the field so that … Read more

Real Time Tracking gives a Psychological Edge for better Work-Efficiency!

A Lesson from the Childhood There are many stories of childhood preserved in my mind as all of us have our own fond memories. Most of them have hidden inspirations or lessons which can potentially transform our lives. It is just that we choose to ignore them rather than learning those hidden lessons. This is … Read more

Best Practices to Manage Field Sales Representatives With The Help of a Tracking App…

Field Managers are most frustrated and annoyed human being you will ever come across. I can say this with complete confidence from my own experiences I have had with Sales Managers. But I understand their frustration and feel very relieved to find myself away from such a tense life. Their head is always boiling with … Read more