How ‘Field Force Tracking’ Ensure Increased Employee Productivity?

The ‘mind’ bursts in pressure if you are to manage a number of people, and they are not supposed to work under your nose. This is enough to cultivate a dubious team environment and invariably harms the sales productivity too. A sense of uncertainty and a dark room of elusive transparency may be doing more … Read more

How Managers Can Develop Team Spirit Among Field Employees By Right Field Management System

Do you know the importance of working unitedly with your team? A manager should take intelligent and educated decisions for his team. We all know that teams with high spirit and with a sense of togetherness have high chances of winning and achieving success. In the words of Ryunosuke Satoro “Individually we are one drop … Read more

Employee Tracking: An Efficient Use of Mobile Technology

Technology has always come up with the solution that eases the human effort anyway. From a very simple concern to a big, it must be paid special thanks. Here I am going to discuss some of the great benefits: GPS Tracking System helped save employees during Paris Terrorist Attack The worst day in Paris history … Read more

Field Management System Can Make You Notice Gem Employees Of Your Organization

Do you know the lack of communication with your employees can prove fatal for your organization? If not, you must know it through the famous Titanic incident. Why did Titanic sink? It sank because of delayed communication between the spotter boy and captain. This gives us a major concern that effective communication is important which … Read more

Why You Should Implement Employee Monitoring For Your Business

Many have a question that whether Employee Monitoring is ethical or not? Well, the practice of employee monitoring has been with us from around 1888. This year the first time sheet was invented now popularly known as IBM. With the change in technology and with advancement in features, when timesheet was invented which only helped … Read more

Is This A Right Time You Should Start Employee Management?

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Sales Team Management Helping Develop A Coordination Between Marketing And Sales Staff

People don’t buy Goods and  Services. They Buy relations, stories, and magic. – Seth Godin In today’s fast growing competitive world, organizations are under pressure because of rapidly changing customer needs and modernization in technology. Those who thoroughly accepting the changes and responding market in the more compelling way are building competitive advantages for rivals. … Read more

5 Reasons Why Field Force Tracking is The Future of Sales Management!

When managers don’t have a slight clue about their field staff, how can one even think of managing them? Such has been the story of sales management, more often if it includes field staff. But the digital thrust in the last few years has provided one solution for field employees in form of Field Force … Read more

5 Unknown Things About Employee Location Tracking

Now that technology has moved way ahead, thanks to the internet which is available with us all the time make it easier for the businessmen to locate their employees who go out on the field or keep tabs on all the employees. The tracker helps employees to increase their efficiency and dedication towards their work … Read more

What is ‘Field Staff Tracking’ and how it is Important to Business?

Tracking has a very broad sense in the business industry. Vehicle tracking, GPS tracking, call tracking, stock tracking, freight tracking etc. are some of the most important processes, businesses are following strictly today. Big thanks to the IT sector which has provided with the most satisfactory tracker app for each problem in order to optimize … Read more