Read This If You Think Employee Tracking Is Not Your Need!

The question is whether to track or not to track? There are a lot of perceptions regarding tracking of employees. Some feel that they don’t need and some feel they can’t do it without it. Let’s see whether you need it or not!! As anyone who has worked in the corporate world knows that he … Read more

Employee Monitoring Is A Boon Or A Bane?

Employee monitoring is a practice which is going on since many years. People are accepting it, questioning it and also making allegations that it is not legally right to monitor employees activities. We live in a democratic society where everyone feels free to share his or her opinion and nobody wants to feel pressurized and … Read more

Managers And Sales Force Are Misaligned Due To Lack Of Employee Management

Do you know that US companies spend of about $900 billion on their sales force? Well, if not you must know, as this is about three times they spend on all advertisement. To manage your sales team is quite a quintessential job, lack of proper management and training may lead to misalignment of managers and … Read more

What is ‘Field Staff Tracking’ and how it is Important to Business?

Tracking has a very broad sense in the business industry. Vehicle tracking, GPS tracking, call tracking, stock tracking, freight tracking etc. are some of the most important processes, businesses are following strictly today. Big thanks to the IT sector which has provided with the most satisfactory tracker app for each problem in order to optimize … Read more