How to keep track of remote employees working from home?

Remote Employee
When your remote employees are working from home, you can only trust their words and performance output to check whether they are working from their home or not. No, this was an old way of tracking remote employees productivity. With so many tools at your disposal now, you can track your employee’s productivity in real … Read more

Employee Tracking @ Rs 150 per month

With love for our Indian customers, we are launching India’s best Employee Tracking solution at 90% discount for them. To mark the launch of our Indian operations, we are introducing Employee Tracking solution for just Rs 15,000/- per year for 10 user licenses i.e. Rs 150 per user per month. The plan includes ten user licenses, i.e., … Read more

Track Employees With The Utmost Care As They Bring You Business

Do you know that over 68% of US are disengaged in their job? Well, the data is quite disheartening for a businessman as he is hiring employees for the only sake to bring in more productivity and generate profits. If a majority of workers are not performing their job sincerely it may lead to huge … Read more

Read This If You Think Employee Tracking Is Not Your Need!

The question is whether to track or not to track? There are a lot of perceptions regarding tracking of employees. Some feel that they don’t need and some feel they can’t do it without it. Let’s see whether you need it or not!! As anyone who has worked in the corporate world knows that he … Read more

Employee Monitoring Is A Boon Or A Bane?

Employee monitoring is a practice which is going on since many years. People are accepting it, questioning it and also making allegations that it is not legally right to monitor employees activities. We live in a democratic society where everyone feels free to share his or her opinion and nobody wants to feel pressurized and … Read more

Pink Slip To Paperwork. Hello Employee Tracking Software!

Do you still search for a diary and pen around you whenever it comes to write-up some data or information? Hey, dude! Which century are you living in? Nowadays everything is available at our fingertips and just in a few clicks, you can access anything. Yeah, since digitalization is trumpeting across the globe and people … Read more

Why Tracking Is Not Bad For Your Business?

Those who think tracking lacks privacy and is not fit into the business, are wrong!! Employee tracking is totally fine and legal. Being a business owner it is his right and duty to know where is his employee. A fleet manager cannot rescue and run away from getting tracked. It also makes them feel relaxed … Read more