5 Advantages of Employee Monitoring

The responsibility of an employer is to provide oversight and right direction to the employees at the workplace. A supervisor keeps the whole team united so they can work efficiently for better productivity. A correct strategy does the half work so the management should follow the right path otherwise the business will lead to failure. … Read more

5 Ways To Observe Remote Staff Productivity

Handling remote workers gives birth to many factors such as the need of technological implementation in the business model, changes in the economy, worker demands and the environmental changes. But, beyond everything, the most important thing is whether the remote workers are working productively or not and if yes, then what methods should be used … Read more

Do You Know That About 32% Of Employees Waste An Hour Daily At Work?

employee monitoring
While there are many good honest and hardworking workers, but there are also some employees those who put in less extra efforts. These things affect employers at the time of providing salary to them. Yes, an employer doesn’t want to give high salary to a less efficient employee whereas those who are doing their work … Read more

What are the different methods of employee monitoring?

When the discussion is going on around workforce performance improvement, employee monitoring is considered as one of the best methods known. Corporate property is the result of genuine efforts and extreme hard work hence, it should be wasted on those only who deserve this. You would have seen cameras mounted in most of the places … Read more

Why Is Employee Tracking Righteous and Trustworthy?

employee tracking
Employees are the backbone of the business. If they are honest and hardworking, it will definitely add to your business and you will have a good set of people around you. If you are still living in a dilemma that employee tracking is not legal and unethical then you should change your mind. Employee tracking … Read more

Employee Tracking App Is An Easy Way To Trust Employees!

employee tracking app
Be alert and cautious when you track your employees! There is always a doubt on manager’s mind about whether his employee is working efficiently or not. When you monitor someone, it is usually because you don’t trust them. Many times the reason for such is due to lack of systems. When you do not have … Read more

Shower Collaboration And Surround Your Business With Best Employees!

Every organization has some stellar-performers and it is true that these employees do outstanding work, bring significant business profits and contribute effectively to organizational growth. You being a manager search such rock performers and think your responsibility gets over here, right? But, you are wrong pal! Human being naturally feels good while they receive appreciation … Read more

Employee Monitoring Is A Boon Or A Bane?

Employee monitoring is a practice which is going on since many years. People are accepting it, questioning it and also making allegations that it is not legally right to monitor employees activities. We live in a democratic society where everyone feels free to share his or her opinion and nobody wants to feel pressurized and … Read more

Pink Slip To Paperwork. Hello Employee Tracking Software!

Do you still search for a diary and pen around you whenever it comes to write-up some data or information? Hey, dude! Which century are you living in? Nowadays everything is available at our fingertips and just in a few clicks, you can access anything. Yeah, since digitalization is trumpeting across the globe and people … Read more