Employee Location Tracking Application

TeamSpoor is an Employee Tracking and Reporting Application available on Android and iOS mobile platforms. The benefit of using an employee tracking application includes the productivity enhancement, real-time reporting, location awareness and ease of doing business. With the help of Android or iOS application employees can report their meeting status, mark their attendance, review their … Read more

How To be A Smart Manager

Don’t you think, being a manager you need to focus on some procedures that help to reinforce the efficiency of sales staff? Since a more efficient sales team ensures more productivity hence, the necessary efforts must be put into the direction of employee development. Revamping salespeople efficiency is not piece of cake. In order to … Read more

Geo-fencing: An Advanced Marketing Step In The Business World

Do you know nowadays a new technology called geofencing is ruling the market rapidly, chances are there that you may not have heard about this before? Thankfully, this feature is being welcomed in almost applications so that it can be accessed easily. Application will decide where you are Have you ever received a message of … Read more

8 Tips To Deploy Employee Location Tracking Solution

“There are only three measurements that tell you nearly everything you need to know about your organization’s overall performance: employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow. It goes without saying that no company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve … Read more

This Employee Management Hack Will Definitely Eliminates Employee Burnout!

Every employee dream of a place where he is being rewarded and everyone will take his point of view and listen to his ideas. Isn’t it? Yes, actually every one dream of a place where he gets everything he wants but does this can be achieved easily? Same goes for a company, every company wants … Read more

Employee Location Tracking Will Save You From Paying Your Employee For Lost Time!

An easy way to keep in touch with employees details is Employee Location Tracking!! Let’s See how! When you hire employees and give them work and tasks, what do you expect from them and what you want to give them in return for their hard work? Don’t you think that the amount of work done … Read more

Employee Location Tracking: Best Tool To Amp Business Productivity

How will you define better business productivity? In simple language, business productivity is when organization executes each plan as per company’s strategic management successfully.  Okay, now anything else that you find more important or can say equally important when it comes to Business Profits? Research shows organizations having properly workplace-engaged employees records considerable growth in … Read more

Track Employee Location In A Way That Eases Volume Of Work For Both Manager and Sales Employee!

‘Employee location’!? Does this word give employees chill to the bone and they feel uncomfortable that their location is being shared with his employer? Well, it happens and some employers feel that it is not right for him to track their employee’s location, as the reason can be any like they trust them, they know … Read more

Is This A Right Time You Should Start Employee Management?

At any point of time, an entrepreneur feels the need to hire employees or manage them in the most efficient way. He has a right to make his work done and can even plan to have an eye on them. Many believe Employee management is a piece of cake and feel it is the damn … Read more