Read This If You Think Employee Tracking Is Not Your Need!

The question is whether to track or not to track? There are a lot of perceptions regarding tracking of employees. Some feel that they don’t need and some feel they can’t do it without it.

Let’s see whether you need it or not!!

As anyone who has worked in the corporate world knows that he has to show up in the office for 8 hours from 9 to 5. The time limit is being fixed by many offices but the question arises that do the employees work efficiently during that time period or just staring cubicle abyss all day? Even now better they have started using computer systems and easily switch from Excel sheet to facebook or youtube. But, do you think just knowing their attendance is enough to judge their punctuality and efficiency? Absolutely No!! But it’s a flawed management as it just only focuses on quantity rather than quality.

This gave us a reason to think that – “should employers track employees with new tools?” Yes absolutely with the various new technology available to us, there are some tools that keep sales employees all the information when they go out on the field to meet the client such as DSR report is automatically created, attendance is automatically marked, employees real-time location is known and more. This helps in storing employees data report with full authenticity and the result of these tools are that efficient and inefficient employees can be discriminated and sales productivity improves.

Why is Employee Tracking your requirement?

Being in a business, you have employees and some of them are sales employees who often go out on the field to meet clients. If this is what your business does then you absolutely need an employee tracking no matter you trust them blindly or what. As this is not a spy tool and it helps you in many ways.

You should have this employee tracking application for your business, if:

  • 60 to 70 percent of your time is spent answering employee doubts
  • You want your employees to take charge of their own management
  • Employee productivity is your concern
  • Your business lacks a competitive edge
  • Your company is struggling to recruit and retain employees
  • Your company is cost and brand conscious
  • You want to keep up with new technology
  • Lack of expertise within the company suggests outsourcing.

How to start?

If you have started considering employee tracking for your business by now, then there must be many questions flooded in your mind, right? Well, there is an application which keeps your employee’s activities safely and provides you every single data of your sales staff when they are out to meet the client.

You must start considering those plans and software which you really need and which helps both for you and your employees. Yes, an employee tracking app helps a sales employee too in many ways.

  • It makes easy for sales employee to locate the route
  • He can make sales report easily with accurate data
  • If he needs any help regarding the location his manager is available to him
  • The shortest route is easily detected
  • There is no chance that he may get lost especially in the suburban areas
  • Honest and efficient employees will get rewarded.

Join hands with right employee tracking tool and make your business run with just efficient and hard working employees.

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