Read This Before Planning Staff Real Time Tracking!

In the real world where technology is taking over at each corner from talking to someone through a mobile phone to connecting to someone anywhere around the world through Internet, many businesses have started using these technologies in tracking their sales team. Staff’s real-time tracking can be done to track staff real-time activity.

What Happens When Staff Real Time Tracking Is Not Applied!!

A manager closed his office door and occupied his chair with lots of work pressure and prepared himself for long hours and late night shifts to maintain sales staff report with attendance and everything.
This occupies manager’s most of the time in preparing reports of employees and also there is no authenticity of the report that whether the information submitted by employees are valid or not.

What Happens When Staff Real Time Tracking Is Applied!!

In a business where a manager manages reports of the staff, manages data, attendance reports are all easy gets managed. Those who maintained reports says,It’s much more relaxed now, as more time is utilized and staff’s daily report and attendance are maintained easily without spending too much time.

See, how it works…

According to Small Business Survey, 20% of small business will invest in tools to improve the productivity of employees.

The advantages of using a staff real-time tracking system and upgrading old manual methods:

Spend Less Time

A manager who has to maintain reports with real-time data spends his crucial time in managing, he might utilize that time into some productive thing but because of less automatic in the system, he had to indulge in this task.

A business will get benefited the most when his time gets saved both by employers and managers. A staff tracking helps in making reports automated which reduce workload and hence saves time. The time filled in preparing reports is now can be utilized in more important tasks.

Less Human Error

You should know that nobody is perfect, even you have a calculator, spreadsheet or any computation device. Being a human, things get wrong, especially while making reports based on numbers. A little change in number can make the whole report wrong and all the hard work becomes null at one second.

With the things getting automated by tracking sales staff and making sales report automatically, there arousing less human error and managers can easily get the reports from their staff with real-time accuracy.

Analyze Employee Behaviour

The data provided by GPS locator and the daily sales report helps a manager in understanding his employee’s behavior. Like through the hard work and time spent outside the premises makes a manager easy to identify efficient and inefficient employees. For example, If tracking application is applied on vehicles of fleet employees. Then, the manager can know through the notification about speeding of the vehicle, harsh cornering, sudden breaks and will be able to figure out employees that are performing better.

Thus, analyzing employees behavior helps in identifying champions in your team.

Monitoring Real-Time Location

If a staff member wanders off from their designated area, the GPS locator helps in showing of the location of the employee with real-time accuracy to the manager. The notification is sent to the manager and the system configured it and send to the sales team. Geofencing provides information of employees through a notification whenever the sales employee enters the specific region fenced by employee’s manager. This helps a manager in noting down the progress of sales staff with 100% reliable data.

Safety & Security

The most important benefit of staff real-time tracking is the safety of your fleets. Yes, the tracking helps in overall security and safety of the staff who go out on the field related work. Managers can view their employee’s location and can be available at any time when they need them in the case of emergency. The tracker also ensures employees about the traffic, crowded routes or shortcuts to a route. This makes the employee feel secure and safe when he goes out on the field.

Thus, It can be rightly said that…

Sales staff tracking leads to a better growth rate in your organization and will increases sales exponentially. If you have a sales team then you should definitely go for it!!

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