How Will You Manage Your 64% Employees Working Remotely?

Look around you! People are busy doing their official work on laptop – at corner coffee shop or in the open air of park or anywhere – they find a proper internet access. I have seen so many times, people go on vacations but they don’t take off from work rather complete the whole work making their virtual presence through electronic devices such as mobile or laptops. That green color online button works as an evidence today for the attendance especially for those who are working remotely. A number of discussions took place and sometimes with great experts too – on why this remote working trend is taking over the classical process. Well! I was only curious to figure out how electronic inventions are introducing these changes in business world and what is the expected future of industry!

Huge shift from Desktop to Mobile but what is the current trend?

A few years back people had to take a well-settled posture before the desktop in order to complete their assigned official work but today no matter whether they are stepping into the bus or entering into the shopping mall – their handset is enough for accomplishing the official tasks. In short, creating work environment nowadays is not confined to any particular physical location. Today the only thing that matters is how much work you do – not where you are doing from.

We are leaning towards mobile use for two main reasons – first, we can do things anytime anywhere; second, we barely forget to carry our smartphones. And, at larger level you will see – one side, mobile companies are developing useful mobile applications to ease workforce work and on the other side, 92% business giants keep additional electronic devices other than their personal phones.

Changes encountered in the mobility of work and where is it  going to set in the future?

Well! Finding out the exact work mobility few years back is really a tough task while the current and upcoming situation could be calculated somewhat. If you look at the statistics, almost 64% people are either working from home or offsite. Doubtlessly, there are many such talent who can’t go so far from their home place but they want to work, work mobility is a great provision for these persons. With the rising need of efficient and round the clock work, technologies are trying so hard to make “work mobility’ a commonplace.

I use to meet new people whether they are successful businessmen, working professionals or college going students, I love communicating — yeah, you can call it my hobby!

During a discussion with a college going student who was extremely passionate about mathematics, I asked a simple question, ‘how do you solve the tough problems?’ and without a second delay he promptly responded back, ‘I am sure my bed has some magic as it’s comfort zone makes me solve any problem as hardest as possible’.

As per study, employees’ productivity level is found 34% higher when they work from home.

Does it still make sense that you have to go office if you have to work?

As you know millennial workforce is increasing so is the need of technical solutions in companies. Now organizations are getting the worth of working remotely so, they are coming forward to embrace mobile technologies but work culture cannot be changed over the night. It is a slow process and certainly will take a good portion of time.

The employee monitoring software is really a great invention as it helps to create the same work culture at remote areas too. Yeah! With the help of this software solution, all real time reports related to  productivity and work can be seen on the dashboard easily.

Technology is changing the business world drastically. What was best yesterday might have no value today. Therefore, it is important to accept the changes and come along with it.

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