How To Overcome And Counter With Right Answers In Sales!

The Sale is a process which cannot be learned within few days. To be a great and self-sufficient sales executive you need to practice selling for years and years and then somewhere around the corner you get the desired results.

The toughest part of any sales is controlling buyer’s objection. Being a salesperson, you often go out on the field to meet the client and there you come across with various types of people who sometimes may like your proposals and sometimes don’t want to be a part of it. Then, what you do? You try to convince them or just leave it and try to find another client? Well, whatever you may do, you should not take no for an answer.

A good salesman knows how to make happy to his client and if he cannot make him happy, he is not a good sales executive. But, don’t misjudge a rejection with it, as even a top performing sales people hear rejections and objections on a regular basis.

When an employee leaves his place for work, he checked in the mobile application to send his real-time location information to his manager and to provide all the updates of his activity to the manager. His manager is keeping a control on his activities and he cannot do anything but just focus on his work and make clients happy.

There is plenty of good advice for field staff which he can use and how to overcome these sales objections while on work.

Objection 1 : “We do not have a budget”

Counter Action – When your customers say that they don’t have enough money to invest in it, doesn’t mean that you are end with them but you still can try and make their ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’. As for many customers, pricing is an important part to purchase a product or not. Provide them some discounts and offers that fit into their budget. However, this step is a bit risky as they might feel that your product quality is not good enough and that’s why you are giving a discount. So, provide them the reason of doing so and also tell good things about the product.

Objection 2 : “I do not have the need for this product”

Counter Action – Sometimes it happens, that you are busy saying things after things to the client but forgot to ask that whether they need your product or not. Well, this situation if not be real the customer may just give a reason to make himself corner from the subject. But, if this is his genuine reason, explain the need for this product to them and how this can prove beneficial to him and his company which he is missing it out. If you can, use examples to make him understand the need of the product as they might not able to see the vision of the product in their company.

Objection 3 : “If I feel the requirement, I will call you”

Counter Action – This can be another excuse of the client to get away from this, as many people don’t prefer listening to sales executives plea and may give just another reason. The customer may also lack interest and trust on your product or service which you need to build it by showing some credibility of your product. Try to demonstrate the value of your product and how it is unique from others seeking their needs and wants. If they still say that they do not need now, there will be somewhere around their mind have stored and if they are convinced with you, they will call you sooner or later.

Objection 4 : “I need to talk to my manager”

Counter Action – A customer when telling you that they need to talk to their manager regarding the product, don’t misjudge this reaction as a denial but respect their position and see it as an opportunity and build a relationship with them. Instead of waiting for their call, keep the process moving by organizing meetings so that you can explain them more about your product and can change their mind. This will make you keep in contact with the person and whenever they find any reaction from their manager’s side, they will surely contact you.

Objection 5 : “We are too busy to think about this product”

Counter Action – Most of the sales executive have heard of this! In such situations, you have to make it more compelling to buy them. Show the benefit of your product in such a way that it shows that they will regret passing the opportunity. Tell them that it will take very less time for them and they will regret passing this opportunity. If you think, that it the bad time and they will not be convinced anyhow, then choose a better time that will give you positive results.

These all objections have just one way to come out and that is by showing customers that how your product will make their life easier. These tactics will surely make you turn an objection into a solution with the right answer.

As a sales professional, you need to prepare yourself beforehand for the most common sales objections.

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