How To Make Geofencing Work For Your Business?

“A virtual fence around a predefined geographic area is Geo fencing”.

Geofencing is done to mark out the location of the user by marking virtual boundaries through Global Positioning System (GPS). It is quite essential and useful for businesses who want to track their employees without putting much effort. Say, you have decided to track your sales team through a mobile app, then if one of your app users enters or exits a specific place then a pop-up message is sent to you.

About 30 percent of the world population are using location tracking services and out of them 80 percent people want to use this for their business in tracking their employees.

Geo fence based software and hardware solution were around us since a decade. Most of the businesses who want to invest in an expensive hardware used geofencing. One of the early use of Geo fencing was started in livestock industry where there were cattle in a herd and equipped with GPS units i.e. when the herd moves away from the specified area then geo fence helped the rancher in knowing and locating the cattle as he receives an alert for the same.

To make location tracking helpful for your business you must adapt it!!

Learn From 5 Businesses Who Are Using Geofencing And Generating Profits

  • BMW Uses Geo Fencing

BMW has employed geo fencing into their mobile to offer quality customer service. The app ensures to assist its customer and provide service network and appointment. As soon as the app is activated the client’s car’s position is pointed out at every 20 seconds even if the car is moved without its key, it will notify the owner.

  • North Face Uses Geo Fencing

North Face is an outdoor apparel store and started its location tracking through Geo Fencing in 2010. The company used geo fencing to tempt its customer to their store as it helps in forecasting the weather. The result was the percentage of customers making purchases in the store has increased.

  • Uber Uses Geo Fencing

Uber has also dug in using geo fencing and track location of the car. It has started using geo fencing at Los Angeles international airport, the people were notified about the number of cars available in the nearby areas so that they can meet their needs.

  • Walgreens Uses Geo Fencing

Walgreens is the second largest Pharmacy store chain in the United States is using geo fencing to built trust of customers and make brand loyalty. Whenever a customer steps into the fenced area i.e. a nearby area of the store, he gets a notification which allows him to open the app and scroll through the notification.

  • History Channel Uses Geo Fencing

History channel uses geo fencing in a way that when someone comes at a nearby historical place such as White house of the Eiffel Tower, the person starts getting the facts related to that place.

Geo Fencing has helped these businesses a larger way and it is safe to say that geofencing is a powerful and affordable way to attract customers.

Attracting the customers is one thing but retaining them for longer duration is another thing entirely which geo fence has helped in a bigger way.

Thus, A Business Can Work Wonders Using Geo Fencing!!

It is quite clear that a business can set the radius of their location to whatever size they wish for and can easily get notified when a person enters the fenced area and exits the area.

Your customer need special attention and through location tracking, you can retain them and your business can work wonders.

You can use Geo fencing as it provides your business:

  • Location Tracking,
  • Productivity,
  • Smarthome control,
  • Security, and
  • Add depth to your analytics.

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