How centralizing your on-field Sales team helps your Business perform better?

While you are busy with your online sales team, you always feel worried about the functional efficiency of your on-field sales team which deals with field tasks. And more so if offline sales start to falter. You just can’t wait to see something positive but alas, all your expectations are eventually torn apart. Even if there’s a nominal downfall in the performance of just one employee, it stretches your eyebrows and widens your pupils. You get skeptical and can’t help but distrust your team.

It is a grave issue. No matter how but eventually it’s the loss of a Business than anybody else. You want things to fall at right places. Although the helplessness when it comes to on-field task can’t be sorted. The last thing you would like to do is, go out and complete the tasks yourselves?

We have often used technology to rescue ourselves. Isn’t it the right time when we use automated tracking through mobile apps or other relevant technologies to assure?

We don’t have to stick to a technology alone. One should try to converge as many technologies as possible to bring in new and lively solutions. ‘Service as a Solution’ has proved one of the fastest and influential assets in Business world and it is the time, we should explore new aspects of technology for the betterment of Business ‘all in all’.

Tracking geographical location of your off-field sales team just doesn’t work!

We can use geographical tracking of the on-field sales team. There are plenty of applications/services based on geographical tracking systems GPS and GLONASS. But just mapping is not the efficient way to know if the work is being performed. Faking is an art which most human beings don’t master but nonetheless, the on-field sales team is unarguably experts at it. You can track the location but not work efficiency. And that’s the basic problem with on-field tasks.

While going through the different aspects of failing offline sales, I couldn’t find a single viable method to make the process transparent. All we care for is to find errors and fix them. Nobody gives a heck to the actual problem ‘TRANSPARENCY’.

Once transparency is introduced, things automatically start to go right. You have to clear the air and dissolve the prevalent issues to make a fresh start.

All your Business needs; ‘TRANSPARENCY’.

You must make it clear in your mind. Field marketing, regardless if it sits in Sales or Marketing, has to be considered a part of the SALES PROCESS. And it is better if you can trace all these things while keeping in touch with the online Strategy.

There are three elementary aspects that can ensure a transparent and centralized flow of work for your on-field Employees.

  • Calculating the Prospects before working out a Model

Yes, it is an obvious mistake which is taken as granted by many businesses. Most Sales team devise their Sales model without asking the really important questions which actually required to maintain efficiency. Even if you have a perfect Sales team and it is performance oriented, there are still those occasions when you won’t get optimum result. This is the hairline fracture which resides in the strategic model itself. So, you can’t extract the exact benefits or control the activities that go beyond your primary Business functions.

Even if you have a perfect Sales team and it is mostly performance oriented, you still won’t get optimum results which you expect. This is a hairline fracture which resides in the strategic model itself. So, you can’t extract the exact benefits out of it or control the activities which go beyond your primary Business functions.

You need to find out the areas which you want to focus on and which could surely prove influential for growing your business. Don’t you need to know the place you are about to go before you are going to purchase air tickets, don’t you?

  • Automatic model to check real time work Accountability

Once you outline your functional model for your on-field Sales Team, You can easily drive an automated system for keeping a track on the working and performance of the team. Automated Technology is accurate and follows the accurate work model which has been implemented after the research. This makes the procedure fool-proof and non-manipulative.

In general, Sales team doesn’t have any real time accountability. What if you could not just track his location but the preceding actions which were to be followed while he is at a specific geographic location? You can access the entire events with an automated mobile app.

After all, technology has always come to rescue us with our routine issues, then why not for critical ones. The thing is that it needs to be precise and specific to the particular task which is being targeted through the app.

This will increase answerability which every employee has irrespective to if he is on field or not. And this thing is really important. When you track your work with an automated process and keep it consistently connected with your team, you can follow things in an organized manner. It will also ease the process of finding out where things actually tend to go wrong.

  • Plan an Independent Lead Distribution and Reporting platform

It will actually prove helpful, once you know that the framework is set in a right manner and it is efficient to the core. The actual efficiency of your work model depends on the true potential of your automated Framework. If you don’t evaluate the prospects and draw an apt flow of events, I am afraid to say, but you will definitely fail.

After implementing the automated framework, you require taking care of every action which you find inappropriate and supervise it to the desired solution.

By doing so, you would make sure that Lead distribution is planned in a more rational and logically influential manner. The best part is that it is actually under your control and supervision. And as it is said Lead Management is Business Management, you need to have this if you want a tight grasp on the Business altogether.

There many available options to manipulate work efficiency of your on-field Sale team. Sadly, most of these are restricted to Geographical location tracking alone. We worked hard on it to find a competent option that can actually maneuver your entire on-field strategy and bring it under your radar.

This will not only make sure that your work is going fluently but you will also be convinced of the things which are actually faulty and impact your Business adversely.


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