Geo-fencing: An Advanced Marketing Step In The Business World

Do you know nowadays a new technology called geofencing is ruling the market rapidly, chances are there that you may not have heard about this before? Thankfully, this feature is being welcomed in almost applications so that it can be accessed easily.

Application will decide where you are

Have you ever received a message of discount offers on dresses while passing near to any clothing shop? Well! This could be possible because of the ‘geofencing’ notion. Why app does so? It simply because the application knows that if you are passing gradually to the shop means you are somewhere interested in buying dresses hence it shows you some alluring offers so you can jump directly in order to make the purchase.

What is the easiest way you find when any kind of information is needed to be fetched? Of course, Google! But not all the time the accurate information can be received so we have asked more than 500 employees who are working nationally-internationally and using the geofencing feature in the application. We asked them whether they have found it significant or not and if yes then how.

Geofencing failure

The discussion has been very sound and our team tried the best to figure out the actual experience of the respondents. The survey has been prepared on the basis of whether the geofencing concept works well at the work or not.

No deny we received the negative responses too. About 47% of the list of respondents said they had faced major problems in geofencing. Also, 1 in 10 said the problems are very complex and next to impossible. The results were doubtlessly depressing.

Even in such complex situation, the potential of geofencing didn’t go down. Suppose you are running a business in which your employees run from one place to another. In such situation, it is natural that they may forget which customer they are dealing with at a moment. Such chaotic environment can make payroll task complicated and job costing almost impossible.

Don’t you think an app is required to deal with such challenging situation? Thankfully, technological advancement is trumpeting today and for each new problem, there exists a technical solution. The application having geofencing feature automatically clocks in as soon as the employee reaches the service location. It sounds great, right? Now one can clearly see how easily geofence helps in assigning tasks and calculating the productive hours.

Notification facility

54% of the survey takers mentioned in the record that geofencing work well in most of the challenging situations. The alert facility and pop ups are good ways to keep oneself updated with the latest offers or services. So why avoid welcoming this business assistance? Doubtlessly it can multiply the sales growth at a larger level.

Employee location tracking uses geofence

The employee location tracking is a useful application to reinforce the efficiency of employees and excel the productivity stats. The geofencing feature of some tracking solutions enables employees to check in automatically as soon as they enter into the office campus. Thus, it helps in attendance absenteeism management.

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