For Sales Team Tracking, Step Into The Shoes Of Your Sales Team

You have a business, you run it, make profits from it but, do you know what your sales team sometimes feel? Have you ever tried to step into their shoes?

Your sales team are the one which helps you generate business. If they are not happy, you cannot bring business and work ahead. So, to manage them you have to step into their shoes and know what they feel, what they want and work accordingly as the end result is to make them feel happy.

Managing your Salesforce is important to work but unfortunately for a sales manager, the blueprint for managing a sales team is not always evident. Stepping into the shoes of the sales team is important as this will help you to know what they are thinking and what they want from you.

Why Tracking Application might bother your Sales Team?

When someone gets to know that he is getting tracked he feels a bit conscious and if his manager is tracking them, then he ought to feel discomfort and worried all the time. Step into the shoes of the sales team and know if they feel like so what could be the reasons and handle those reasons with the right tracking application.

Here, in this situation, it is very necessary that your sales team feel secure with the work you want them to do even if they know they are getting tracked. A right tracking application not tracks an employee like a spy but helps a manager in keeping information of employees and also the sales report are automatically created which is 100% accurate.

To Step into the shoes of sales team choose an application which works both ways i.e. which is helpful for employees as well as a manager.

How to know what your sales team feel?

  • Earn the trust of your sales team

Trust is the cornerstone of sales and so it should be managing in sales. When working with sales team, you ought to know which one can be trusted. Sales managers who incorporate trust as their mantra for managing their sales force tend to have greater leadership success.

What is your mantra? Does your sales team follow you and trust you? If not, you must make sure that they are happy with you.

Check on the list to make your sales team trust you!!

  1. Promoting transparency
  2. Keep up with commitments
  3. Supportive with your team.
  • Openly communicate with them, don’t be afraid to mentor them

A minor mistake can turn into a disaster!! An effective sales manager will be open and friendlier with their sales team because he knows he had to make his work done and that requires proper communication.

Employees who feel that they are being listened to feel much happier, more loyal and will be motivated to perform their work.

You just make sure few things which help in communication process:

  1. Train them
  2. Talk to them the right things
  3. Do not maintain any secret with them which they ought to know.
  • Eliminate all the barriers and uncertainties

Salespeople often believe that they know their clients and company the best. Does your sales team know it too? Well, if you make sure that there are no secret and boundaries between you and your sales team then you are able to help them and understand them more.

  1. Educate sales people
  2. Do not create misunderstandings
  3. Understand their emotions.

By stepping into the shoes of the sales team, you are surely going to progress and make your work done.

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