Follow ‘Ethics’ if to Manage Employees Productively ‘Like a Boss’

If you manage a team of employees, you are unarguably expected to regulate productivity and increase it for better. It is no secret that a business runs on the management fluency.

There is too much content that you can read on increasing employee productivity or building a productive team. There are numerous ways you will be manipulated to go through those delightfully served content but to no avail. Do you stress too much on ‘being ethical’ with your employee management system? If not then how is it helping your respectability as a boss? Being a manager and being a boss is not the same, those who don’t know this difference can never succeed with their management plans.

The ‘Boss’ is about being respected unconditionally by all his team members and the respect remains natural forever, not the one given as an imposed professional formality. To receive a formal respect is one thing, and to win it from your personality and leadership skills is altogether a different thing. ‘How would an employee engage in his duties if he doesn’t respect manager for how he doesn’t find him respect worthy? Employees are mostly busy with their struggle to reach to their monthly target. Hence, to get respect or to fake, he doesn’t gives it a heck or cares to address the fact that he also has a manager.

What Makes a Leader the ‘Leader’?

What if I tell you that Leadership is ‘the most important prowess’ of a proficient manager in the maintenance of his team’s productivity? Ok, I agree you knew it and it is  nothing new or unique as such… But I agree to disagree with you that it is actually not how you thought it to be like. Just let me explain and elaborate what it meant differently?

The fact is you could hardly manage a team’s performance if your team doesn’t view you as boss instinctively. In case a team doesn’t find the manager respect worthy, it hardly abides by the instructions they get from him.

Now, if you have been facing hard time in managing your employees, you must introspect your credibility as the leader in the view of your team members. Unfortunately, the target replaces everything else and somehow reaching it is the only concern that occupies his mind. Even if this tends to get unethical, the manager finds nothing wrong if it helps his cause in reaching to the assigned target. And he ignores the dark side of it when he stoops low and more importantly, he does it as the leader of the team. Thereupon making a wrong projection on the back of the mind of team members.

So, disturbs the conceptual approach of a team to its manager’s remarks and makes him lesser reliable to be followed. So, it is high time you should think about ‘being the boss for the team’ and not restrict as ‘the boss of the team’. This is highly significant in any teamwork and maintains the dignity and respect as the team member. It may get you the monthly target for once but it will also be ‘the end’ of the team as such.

Team Ethics – The Key to Manage Employee Productivity

Therefore, it becomes really important for a manager to behave like one and maintain the dignity and virtues that reflects an aura of being the leader that the team aspire to have. Don’t follow any tricks that stoop or compromise against the moral ethic that maligns your character making it unfit for leadership. You could achieve many more targets in future if you develop a team that is united and respects each other as they are rightly ought to be. This statesmanship will inevitably transform into much improved overall results.

So when you aim a target, it carries a weight and deemed significant by the team. What makes you even more special and influential always has to be the ethics of management more than any other thing. If you want to manage a team to success, build a team of values as it is important for any team’s productivity.

Else you may keep trying all those ‘unbelievable tricks’ and ‘unknown secrets’ all your life but to no results. If you don’t build a team virtuous, the members will be least concerned about their responsibility and accountability towards the team(which they hardly find as one).

Unless you do justice to the character of a leader, you can never think of management, just spare the thought of increasing the employee productivity alone. If you are a leader, your conduct will always going to set the example for others and if they see you ignore ethics conveniently, they will be lesser interested in following the ethical conduct themselves. As You are leading them by wrong example , you would never be able to change it however much you will try. Behave as a Leader ought to, and only then you could manage your team productivity like a boss.

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