Field Force Tracker

Field Force Tracking Software

Field force tracker app helps your business to track remote and on-field employees in sales, service or delivery.

What Makes Us The Best

Cost Effective

Teamspoor Field Force Tracking is the most cost effective software in the market. You can start as low as $1 per user.

Easy On Battery

Unlike other field force management system, we do not drain user's mobile battery. Our mobile app is super optimised.

Works Everywhere

Our work force tracking app works everywhere even when there is no mobile signals or data available. Record every move.

Field Force Tracker Features

Real-time Location Tracking

Get real time location of your field force, any time and from any where during their working hours.

realtime location
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Geo-tagged Attendance

Get attendance through their mobile with accurate time and location of Clock-In / Punch-In time.

Geo-location based attendance make it most reliable and ensures everybody follows the rules.

Real-time Reporting

Get real-time reporting from your workforce right from the field. Stop guessing where they are, how many meetings they have done, which meeting was fruitful and which didn't worked out.

Every detail of their workday right on your fingertips.

free crm

Route Distance Calculator

Stop leaving the conveyance calculation on guess work and save ton of money for your business. With TeamSpoor you can get how many actual Kms or Miles your field executives travelled in a day for official work and duration of their travel.

Custom Forms

Create custom forms for your field executives to be filled after every visit. You can create forms to get payment details, new orders, customer feedback or any thing your business requires.


Geo-Fence Monitoring

Create virtual GPS based fences for your in-house employees to ensure they do not leave the location during working hours. It is very useful to track remote employees, which do not have supervision of a manager and are required to stay indoors during working hours.

Route Map Tracking

Get route-map of the employees they follow during the working hours. Route-map tracking ensures that the delivery or service teams do not deviate from their assigned route for some unauthorised adventure.

It ensures optimum productivity by the employees.

Beat Plan

Beat Plan - Create Schedules

Create schedules for your teams, which they can follow during the day. A beat plan ensures that your team doesn't have to waste their time in guessing where to visit next.

Why Do You Need Field Force Tracking System?

An active employee tracking system will make every employee accountable. They know if they are wasting their time on unproductive tasks then their superiors will know.

Not only it catches the bad fishes it also ensures that people who are really working hard should not get punished by mistake.

With beat-plan scheduling, reporting automation, mobile based attendance, and work flows, the employees will get more free time for productive tasks making them more efficient.

The management gets more efficient in the decision making as they always have current data on their disposal.

They don’t have to wait for days to get the reports from their employees who are in field doing their job. With real-time reporting everything is available with a click of a button. 

With features like online reporting, mobile based attendance, distance calculator, the business can save tons of money by only paying for what is really justified and doesn’t need to rely on guess work.

Start Managing Your Field Force Efficiently