Employee Tracking & Reporting Automation – Update

Some of the new features added on the app & web:

TeamSpoor Manager App:

Manager’s app allows the team manager & admins to get an overview of their team members. Some, features available on the Manager’s app are:

  1. Visits Overview
  2. Current Team Locations
  3. Updates on each visit and long stops by the executives.
  4. Route map of the executives.
  5. Attendance, last reporting time, battery status and current halt time.

Android App

  1. Followups are available on the dashboard as a separate tab, which will show the current day followups, if set at the time of marking the visit.
  2. Logout, Tutorials, and Helpdesk links are moved to the Profile page.
  3. Users can now mark their Home and Work locations from the profile page. It can be only set once. Admins can also mark Work location from the web panel under Executive profile and in this case, the user cannot change his work location. Home location can be only set through the App by the user and it won’t be visible to admins due to privacy issues.
  4. Sync Visits option is available on the profile page so, that a user can sync his past visits to the app anytime.
  5. Image and Signature options are now available by default for free to all users.
  6. Custom links can be created by the admin and are available on the dashboard.
  7. Activity report option is also made available on the dashboard to send a daily one-liner report to the managers or to admins.

Web Panel

  1. Beat plans now also allow to set visit type.
  2. Visit type (customization) option is now available on the Settings menu. According to the Visit Type, you can link the Custom forms for your executives to fill. As usual, the custom forms can be customized according to the teams.
  3. Work location of an executive can be set through the Executive Profile section. This option is useful when we have to limit the user to mark their attendance at only their work location.
  4. A report for Long stops has also been added where an Admin or Manager can check the locations where their executives had spent the time.
  5. The activity report is now available in the reporting section.

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