Employee Monitoring: Sack Employees or Develop Employees?

“More than half of people who leave their jobs do so because of their relationship with their boss. Smart companies make certain their managers know how to balance being professional with being human. These are the bosses who celebrate an employee’s success, empathize with those going through hard times, and challenge people, even when it hurts”-Travis Bradberry.

Traditional Vs Modern Approach

According to the traditional approach, organizations usually prepare a performance review report at the end of the year that gives which employee contributed how much in the business productivity throughout the year. Based on this data report, a meeting is set and employees are appreciated for good work or asked either perform better or to leave the company in case of their flat conduct.

Whereas, the modern approach is entirely different. It enables managers to get real-time productivity report each day directly from the sales team. Also, the method accentuates more on regular meetings so the crew can be guided for where they are doing mistakes. In short, this model is basically to train and develop employees so more productivity could be fetched.

Big Technology Giants are following Modern Approach

Initially, leaving the traditional long going process and all benefits from it was not easy to digest for organizations and their base were wavering to catch the hands of the modern system. Although some of the great market leaders now understand the worth of this software solution and are under the fast implementation process of it into the business model for yielding significant organizational growth.

The big technology companies are the leading this way. Adobe, Juniper Systems, Dell, Microsoft, and IBM are mentioned at the top of the list. Deloitte, Accenture are other professional firms that have joined the hands with above mentioned technical giants.

Field Staff Tracking is essential to business growth and it can be done perfectly with the help of Modern Methodology

Employee Management includes managing both – on field and off field employees. Since field reps contribute effectively in revenue generation hence they must be managed optimally in order to bring better business benefits.

The representatives communicate to the potential customers and pitch them the services or products. Customer satisfaction is very important and developing better customer experience is the key responsibility of sales team.

With the help of a GPS-based tracker app, the manager can directly access the current locations of his reps in real time. Also, which employee is tracking which client, how long the meeting takes and what feedbacks have been recorded are some crucial marks that must be monitored strictly so necessary improvements could be incorporated to lift the productivity stats.

According to modern method, employees are trained every morning for all their previous mistakes done at the workplace such as wrong or less elaborative pitching of products, misbehave with clients, long meeting hours with customers etc. to modify the business process. On the contrary, the traditional method emphasizes on evaluating the performance of each rep at the end of the session so they can be rewarded or sacked accordingly. There is no notion of employee training associated with the classical concept.

Modern Method – “Less experienced employees can perform better than the new ones”

Exercising the existing less experienced reps is not only easy than providing training to new ones but cost effective too. Regular employee monitoring filters some essentials points about sales executives where improvements are a must. Any organization invests too much on its employees in terms of money, time and effort. Sacking after such huge investment only pushes the company into the financial loss. Hiring new people is just repeating the whole cycle again means a clear waste of corporate property.

Therefore, we can say employee management is basically monitoring, training and developing the employees not terminating them for a few mistakes.




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