Employee Location Tracking Will Save You From Paying Your Employee For Lost Time!

An easy way to keep in touch with employees details is Employee Location Tracking!!

Let’s See how!

When you hire employees and give them work and tasks, what do you expect from them and what you want to give them in return for their hard work? Don’t you think that the amount of work done by them should only be rewarded? And the right and efficient employees should only be provided with benefits and appraisals?

Yes, the money your business earn should only be shared with right employees according to the ability and capability they have. Tracking employee time and attendance with their real-time location is a fundamental process for any business. Yet there are many business owners who don’t track time and location or they rely on manual data which sometimes can prove complicated to capture workforce schedule details.

On a typical 9 to 5 duration of office, it is absolutely your right to keep a note on your employees activities, whether they go out on field to meet client or they work inside the office premises to keep their timing record and the update of location will help you in coordinating with them and can reward them based on their efficiency and hard work they have put in.

A little check question for you! – Are you paying your employees for the lost time?? Confused? Okay, What is lost time?

For many businesses lost time means the leave taken by employees for vacation or sickness. But fail to understand some important implications of it, like an employee who is coming late to the office daily by 10 minutes and leaving the premises on time. Does this add to his efficiency, well some will think that it is just a difference of 10 minutes and will not matter much? But if you calculate the total duration of time spends by them in a month will be a reducing loss of 5 hours. Yes, you are paying your employees for an extra 5 hours which is most closely a day’s job.

How will you recover ‘that’ money for lost time?

Maybe you are already working on the calculation of time of your employees. You are generating reports based on the work done by them, recording their time and attendance through manual method or any other method. But, are you so sure that the manual data is trustworthy and accurate? Well, the time cards shown by your employees may be trustworthy but if you keep an automatic check i.e. if you track your employee’s location, maybe you will get more accurate results without giving a stress on the accuracy.

When employees give their attendance and reporting manually, they may forget some information like they may write the timing of coming late but the time spent elsewhere like on their personal phone call or at any other place may not be recorded whether intentionally or unintentionally.

An automated reporting of employees and tracking their location will make it easy for both employers and employees which will save their time and they don’t have to spend time on arduous reporting task.The management has the access to see their employees location and can easily save the time which is lost during performing unnecessary tasks.

Upgrade your management system by using employee location tracking into your business.

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