Employee Location Tracking Raises Ethical Questions

Is GPS Tracking ethical?

How would you feel being tracked round the clock even when you are not busy in doing official work? Does it hamper your privacy? Is it okay to be tracked while you are doing your personal task? There is nothing illogical or unethical to track employees during working hours. After All, the concern of management to keep corporate property being used efficiently is justified and if it is possible to get done through any GPS tracking system, it is completely okay. But, no one whether they are your boss or any office companion, is allowed to keep eye on your personal tasks. If someone is doing so, it is absolutely unethical. GPS tracking or any other tracking software should never be used to get records on someone’s personal activities as it will simply raise the eyebrows of tracked employees.

Professional Activity Tracking is ethical but Personal Activity Tracking is an offense.

Don’t push employees to be online 24/7 on the tracking app

Don’t put the purposeless pressure on your employees that keeping turned on the tracking solution on mobile is essential for business. First, it is not right; second, there is no such concept that tracking personal life can revamp business productivity is some way. Tracking employees when they are off-duty makes them uncomfortable. This pointless pressure might turn their mind to resigning the job, which is certainly a wrong indication to the organization. It is an invasion of employee rights when their manager notify them during their personal time that they are being tracked.

GPS tracking is used to improve efficiency not to interfere with someone’s fundamental right

The only motive to design the tracking software is to revamp the efficiency and business productivity. There is no concept of tracking employees’ personal hours. Each individual has a fundamental right to live the life in the way he/she wants during the off-duty time. Employee location tracking concept has brought forth to aid human trouble not to make them trouble.

Give your employees respect and care

Organizations are supposed to behave well with their staff. Each individual deserves to be treated respectfully. If employers track their personal movements for no business reason, it will certainly hamper their fundamental right. Companies should keep one thing in the mind while tracking that any business method should never harm someone’s personal rights.

Unethical GPS tracking can create discriminated environment

Thoughts can change any mind, so of employers. There is a chance when employer’s mind can turn based on the reports of what he gets after personal movements tracking. A discrimination can take birth in employer’s head just monitoring the personal attitude of their employees. Is it valid to take any serious business decision based on someone’s personal attitude?

Never hamper personal privacy

Round the clock monitoring can irritate anyone. Is it okay to keep tabs on employees even if they are on vacation or spending some quality time with their near dear ones? Everyone has a personal life and if anything that agitates that personal privacy would disturb them ultimately. Any employee who is on leave would feel stressed if he is being tracked.

So tracking solution should be used to serve that particular issue for which it is prepared.

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