DSR Automation: Best Business Process to Increase Transparency

The exponential rate of technological advancement is growing so fast. There was a time when the businesses were limited within certain parameters but now, for each new problem there is a technical solution. People are entirely dependent upon machines to perform tasks. One side, technology is a great help to reduce human efforts and time consumption, on the other side, due to its cost-effective nature entrepreneurs are leaning towards it. DSR automation is also one among these technical developments.

What is DSR automation?

Daily Sales Report Automation is known as DSR automation in short. Since sales team makes the foundation of any business hence their work efficiency is an important factor. To calculate the overall productivity, they are asked to submit their daily sales report at the end of each day. DSR automation is the process to automate this daily report.

Is DSR automation a tool?

No, DSR automation is not an independent tool targeted to perform a single task only rather it is one of the most significant features of field force tracking solution. This software solution is a combination of web based dashboard for upper management and android based mobile app for sales executives.

Process of DSR automation in software solution

Actually, the application features check-in check-out system on executives’ mobile phone. As soon as the sales rep checks in, a simple form gets open in the phone and at the same time GPS automatically tracks executive’s current location and fulfills the related information in the ‘address’ section of the form. The manager gets notified for the check-in by reps as the start of meeting. After the whole meeting is done, sales professionals presses the checkout button to signify the management about the end of the meeting. Before checking out reps enter the actual feedback of the meeting in the ‘other’ section of the form. Thus, this app enables managers to receive real time authentic data from the field force. This authentic data is nothing else but the sales report of the executives which can be seen on the dashboard under the respective column. This is how the app automates the daily sales report.

How DSR automation incorporates transparency?

Very first it is important to understand the term ‘transparency’ and how it is connected to the business world. Let’s take a good example to make the concept clear.

Suppose you send any of your sales staff for the meeting with a prospect located kilometers away from the office. Now two cases arise here:

Case 1: Putting all possible efforts, the rep reaches at the client’s address on time and finds him unavailable there.

Case 2: The rep wastes all his assigned time in gossiping with friends or performing some personal works. And, finally without meeting to the prospect, he reports his manager that customer is not available for meeting.

The above case now arise two situations:

Loss of sales professionals: In first case, though executives give their best to meet the target but unable because of some genuine reason. The manager might not trust that the prospect has actually been entertained. This perception pushes reps’ job in danger.

Loss of company: Some managers keep blind faith in their staff and believes whatever informations are shared. This wrong or manipulated information may lead company to big financial loss.

These conditions bring ambiguity in business processes. Well, DSR automation is the best way to tackle such complexities.

DSR automation is a key to remove ambiguity in data

As mentioned above, the top staff gets the real time information about whether the field force is working actively at the workplace during working hours or not and which sales rep is dealing to which prospect. Whenever executives are assigned some deals, they can notify the manager through the App. Check-in system in the app means start of the meeting and check-out is the mark if end of the meeting. Since the app is based on the concept of GPS tracking, therefore staff’s locations can be tracked at any time of need. This software solution reflects authentic data on the dashboard and removes any sort of confusion.

Other benefits provided by DSR automation

This can not be only used in maintaining daily report but the authentic data received through the App is very much useful in many other areas. I am going to discuss some of them.

  • Makes decision-making easier

The managers keep changing the business models incorporating different creative business tactics. These ideas are based on the earlier results. No matter if wrong informations are being delivered,  management would rely on this data only for making all new decisions, which is not a good signal. Since the field force tracking solution gets manager the real time authentic data, hence all effective decisions can be taken less hardly with a solid base of true data.

  • Saves time & effort

Since preparing sales report is a daily and essential work for each sales professional, that’s why they have to keep a portion of their time everyday for maintaining it. This time can be utilized productively for some other tasks. The automated process of daily report saves this useful time generating a real time DSR.

  • Better incentive plans and competitive environment

With the help of this application, the correct information about productivity is delivered, therefore best incentives, gift cards, early leaving or vocal appreciations should be given to the best performers as it encourages them to work more effectively. Also, other executives in the organization put more effort to gain such benefits. Read more…..




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