How To be A Smart Manager

Don’t you think, being a manager you need to focus on some procedures that help to reinforce the efficiency of sales staff? Since a more efficient sales team ensures more productivity hence, the necessary efforts must be put into the direction of employee development. Revamping salespeople efficiency is not piece of cake. In order to … Read more

Some Use Cases Of TeamSpoor And Which Industries Can Use It

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How The Sales Tracking App Can Multiply Your Sales?

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Why teamspoor is need of the hour for your business?

Track your Sales staff in real time with ease… Worried to find out the actual efforts being put by your On-field Sales Team? Don’t worry, TeamSpoor can help you find it. With this smart app, you can keep a Hawk’s Eye over your on-field Sales Team. Track their current geographical locations with precision and Find … Read more

How centralizing your on-field Sales team helps your Business perform better?

While you are busy with your online sales team, you always feel worried about the functional efficiency of your on-field sales team which deals with field tasks. And more so if offline sales start to falter. You just can’t wait to see something positive but alas, all your expectations are eventually torn apart. Even if … Read more