How To Choose Best Employee Tracking Software

How to choose the best employee tracking software?   In the era of 21century, everything is developing at its pace; our technology has a challenging world of its own. The advent of the Pandemic had also contributed to the formation of new technologies. This online setup of work from home-generated new leads towards more online tracking … Read more

Real-Time Employee Tracking System

What is employee tracking in real-time?    Suppose your organisation is remote, hybrid or of any type you can monitor and track your employees. The tracking and monitoring of employees are productive for the business. The employees tracking will help to improve productivity. You can follow or monitor the employees and get insights. These insights will help to monitor when … Read more

Should You Track Employees During Working Hours?

Should you track your employees during working hours?  The continued extent of Covid-19 is driving millions of people to work from home. As many workers and organisations are facing a new reality, employers have an issue regarding the productivity of their employees. Employers assume that while you are at home, you are in the comfort … Read more

Employee Tracking App Is An Easy Way To Trust Employees!

employee tracking app
Be alert and cautious when you track your employees! There is always a doubt on manager’s mind about whether his employee is working efficiently or not. When you monitor someone, it is usually because you don’t trust them. Many times the reason for such is due to lack of systems. When you do not have … Read more

How ‘Field Force Tracking’ Ensure Increased Employee Productivity?

The ‘mind’ bursts in pressure if you are to manage a number of people, and they are not supposed to work under your nose. This is enough to cultivate a dubious team environment and invariably harms the sales productivity too. A sense of uncertainty and a dark room of elusive transparency may be doing more … Read more

Yes! Smartphones Do Increase Field Force Productivity…

A lot has changed in the last one and a half decade or so. The concept of networking to get more and more faster communication system has been the flag bearer of this virtually inflicted change on the businesses. The smartphone has been accustomed to using the technologies at any place, at any time and … Read more

Automating Sales Pipeline Helps Improve Business Productivity

These days, for every organization to manage their sales pipeline is a task to handle as it is getting more longer and challenging day by day. With so much opportunity around and pressure of keeping all sales process in tact, sales employees find it difficult to manage the sales pipeline. A proper sales process involves … Read more