Benefits Of Tracking Field Sales Force With GPS Based Check-ins

GPS monitoring and tracking app is a boon for the business world scenario. People have myths that it takes a ‘super power’ to find out if their sales team is working properly or not but it is simple for managers to be aware of all ‘ongoing-sales-activities’. Through it, better business ideas can be implemented to fetch the maximum revenue.

GPS based check-in enables sales reps to check in at client location and through a small graph the whole idea about distance covered, fuel used, deal done or not etc. can be derived precisely with no extra effort. There are so many other advantages of this graph discussed below:

  • Track number     of sales calls done in a day.
  • Make a perfect plan to reduce the wasted time and fuel expenditure through tracking.
  • Increase number of potential clients per sales professional to raise the efficiency.
  • A transparent reimbursement in case if sales reps are using their own vehicles or     claiming their personal work as official work.
  • Create a competitive environment among the sales team offering gift cards, incentives and vocal appreciation etc. based on their performance through real time GPS tracking.
  • Calculate how long a meeting takes so that a clear structure of time required for each client to get deal done can be scheduled properly.
  • Raise the accountability for those who sometimes become careless for their liabilities.
  • The GPS graph helps assign clients to the sales reps located at the nearest.
  • Find the real time location of sales professional in case of any emergency call.
  • Increase decision-making as real time outputs help implement more creative ideas for accelerating profit gain.
  • Reduce payroll cost just paying sales reps for the actual productive hours     through electronic tracking.
  • Schedule sales reps for those customers who frequently use your services or products as it brings profit.

This salesforce automation solution is simply a web dashboard and an android based app; through which sales professionals can check in from anywhere anytime and the manager gets notified for each real time activity automatically. The app is very helpful to enhance the productivity and efficiency.

Maintaining daily DSR(Daily Sales Report) manually is painful and can be less accurate but the route tracking app enables sales professionals to prepare the DSR with no extra effort and complete precision. This software solution reflects an image of the activities done by the sales rep during the work time through check-in check-out system.

The check-in through mobile app shows the start of the meeting and the GPS location will automatically be recorded in details as soon as the sales rep checks out. Other informations like client mobile number or deal done etc can be filled as per company requirements. Also, it records how long a meeting takes to complete. With the help of this authentic data the manager takes significant business decisions to change the structure of revenue generated.

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