How To Choose Best Employee Tracking Software

How to choose the best employee tracking software?   In the era of 21century, everything is developing at its pace; our technology has a challenging world of its own. The advent of the Pandemic had also contributed to the formation of new technologies. This online setup of work from home-generated new leads towards more online tracking … Read more

Real-Time Employee Tracking System

What is employee tracking in real-time?    Suppose your organisation is remote, hybrid or of any type you can monitor and track your employees. The tracking and monitoring of employees are productive for the business. The employees tracking will help to improve productivity. You can follow or monitor the employees and get insights. These insights will help to monitor when … Read more

Should You Track Employees During Working Hours?

Should you track your employees during working hours?  The continued extent of Covid-19 is driving millions of people to work from home. As many workers and organisations are facing a new reality, employers have an issue regarding the productivity of their employees. Employers assume that while you are at home, you are in the comfort … Read more

Employee Time Clock Application

Employee Time Clock is a software which is used to track employee working hours based on a project or the total time they have spent in a location. It creates a digital timesheet of the clock-in and clock-out hours of an employee during a working day. What is the purpose of time clock app? Time … Read more

How to choose an employee tracking app?

Anything related to tracking is a taboo but tracking an employee is not limited to surveillance or spying somebody but sometimes it’s the necessity of the business. The difference between surveillance or spying and tracking an employee has a very thin line. For example, when you are secretly tapping an email or taking the monitor’s … Read more

How to keep track of remote employees working from home?

Remote Employee
When your remote employees are working from home, you can only trust their words and performance output to check whether they are working from their home or not. No, this was an old way of tracking remote employees productivity. With so many tools at your disposal now, you can track your employee’s productivity in real … Read more