8 Tips To Deploy Employee Location Tracking Solution

“There are only three measurements that tell you nearly everything you need to know about your organization’s overall performance: employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow. It goes without saying that no company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.” – Jack Welch

Employee productivity and employee engagement at workplace both are extremely important to take organization up to the next growth level. Therefore companies today are running along with the cutting-edge technologies. Employee location tracking app has emerged as a perfect software solution in the technical market in order to revamp the profitability of the organization and reinforce the efficiency of the sales force. But, convincing the sales staff just knowing them that the step of employee tracking incorporation has been taken only for the technical advancement of the company is not enough in common practice. Since the solution is based on a real-time GPS tracking hence, somewhere it gives birth to ‘fear’ in employee’s head. So, reluctance is obvious from their side! They might think their employer doesn’t trust them. Doing a sudden implementation of employee monitoring app can confuse anyone, so, to make a successful transition you should discuss the actual reasons and benefits of employee tracking incorporation with your workers.

Check out the important tips that you should keep in the mind while incorporating the tracker app.

#1 Focus on staff profit

Figure out the areas where employees waste their valuable time and get nothing fruitful in return. In the list, some are preparing daily sales report, distance traveled by the employee, paperwork effort, number of deals done or under process, details of overall expense for reimbursement, sending food and hotel expenses details to account department in real-time by uploading the pictures and round the clock connectivity to the concerned department etc. Don’t you think these daily works must be automated? Salesforce tracking solution is a great help to automate all these regular and essential processes so employees must be educated about the benefit of this adoption.

#2 Keep an open attitude

Don’t show a blurred picture to your employees rather tell them everything clearly. Keep them aware that their location can be picked at any time of need and also when they do check-in at client’s place. Tell them the reason why this is needed to be done and make their all doubts and queries absolutely clear.

#3 Elaborate the whole process

Doubtless to say that employees might call it ‘keeping boss along during the work in mobile phone’. Also, they might have ambiguity about how the system works and if it can hamper their privacy too etc. So, you must explain the overall procedure of the software solution and make them believe that it is useful for increasing their productivity level.

#4 Not a personal activity tracker

Your employees might doubt that the application has been incorporated in a move to monitor them round the clock, no matter if they are performing personal activities or official. Well! Their doubts must be cleared. Explain them very clearly that GPS tracking will be active only in working days during working hours. If they are on the leave or on holidays there will be no notion of GPS tracking unless they log in.

#5 Welcome employee ideas

Since the application is used for revamping employee efficiency and organizational profitability, therefore, while discussing employee tracking solution, listen carefully what your staff is speaking or asking. These ideas can be implemented in some tracking solutions as some tracking applications available in the market provide with the customized facility so whatever actual user wants – could be incorporated easily.

#6 Emphasize on counting company benefits

Tell your employees how field staff tracking solution is helpful to company growth. Also, make them believe that the growing organization will provide them better growth opportunities and positive working environment.

#7 Develop a positive ambiance

No deny, employees will be reluctant initially and they will give multiple reasons for why the app should not be incorporated into the business system. But, your major focus should be on the benefits only. If your employees say they have not smartphones, buy them the good phones or assure them for the reimbursement if they buy from the store. Apart from this, portable charger arrangement should also be done properly. Recharge their mobiles for internet pack so the tracker app could be run smoothly without any hurdles on the way. Such preparations would certainly make the staff believe that the organization is going to implement the application at any cost.

#8 Employee may give negative reactions but that’s okay

For any kind of changes good and bad, both types of reactions are obvious but the point is for any correct idea, the full focus should be on the implementation. There is no doubt that good employees will always appreciate it and welcome this change with all their open heart as somewhere it is helpful in optimizing their performance level, reducing their paperwork and additional reporting methods etc. While some employees feel trouble but give them a timeframe to be tuned with the tracking app.

Hence, an organization should not only incorporate the employee tracking app only rather that attitude in the staff as well so they can understand the worth of the change.


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