5 Unknown Things About Employee Location Tracking

Now that technology has moved way ahead, thanks to the internet which is available with us all the time make it easier for the businessmen to locate their employees who go out on the field or keep tabs on all the employees.

The tracker helps employees to increase their efficiency and dedication towards their work as the employer keeps an eye on them which results in bringing out the best from them.

To know the location of your employee you should focus on three factors –

         1. Your employees need a smartphone,

         2. They should keep their Location On, and

         3. They should keep mobile internet data enable all the time.

These points should be checked first before you start tracking them.

Take an example of an electric company..

Suppose an employee in an electric company is sent to the nearest location, for repairing a downed power line. So, when the electrician goes out, his location is being shared with his employer with authentic data. While the manager sitting at the office can easily look out every information to analyze workers efficiency.

Unknown Things Regarding Employee Location Tracking..

Employee location tracking is often presumed as a harsh activity done on employees but it is not so. There are a lot of unknown things about employee location tracking which you should know now before you have a misconception about it.

  • Helps Sales Team reaching Client’s place at easiest and fastest route

To track employees is just not what location tracking helps but it also makes easier for employees in reaching clients place at the best and fastest route. Like, suppose an employee who goes out on the field for work makes them allow to use location tracker through which they can see which way to go and which way will help him reach faster. It is more of a helpful feature which acts as a guide and middlemen between employee and employer.

  • Businessman can measure productivity

Even the best designed process will fail without a supportive team. With a proper goal and related task, the productivity of your business can be improved and you can set the goals according to your limits. The employee location sharing helps you in locating your employee’s position and thus making you aware whether he is utilizing his time efficiently or not that results in improving your business’s sales productivity.

  • Collect proofs for employees of the hours worked

The location tracking helps in collecting proofs for employees based on the work done by him through GPS. For example, an employee who goes out on the field for work, his data gets recorded and the time he took with clients gets tracked. This makes it easy to get real and authentic data of employee and no one can fraud the employer in any case.

  • Daily Sales Report helps in decision-making process

The Sales report made by the employee after each meeting cannot be misjudged as the reports made are very authentic based on real-time data. An employer who is far from the sales employee has always a doubt that whether the information provided by sales employee is authentic or not. But, with the employee location tracking it makes it easy to prepare Daily Sales Report with authenticity and employer to trust it.

  • Ensures Security for employees

Being a sales employee you have to travel to different places and it is not possible to know all the location, this makes it difficult for you to reach in time. An employee location tracker provides employer full tracking details based on real-time location which also makes the employee feel secured as he knows that his employer is keeping a check on him and he cannot be misguided, and also enables an employee to locate his way through GPS.

These are some of the facts about employee location tracking which you should know to track your employees.

Let’s see how many employees do not reach their full potential and how many are disengaged from their work.

The above data shows that 4 out of 5 employees do not reach their full potential and 4 out of 10 are disengaged towards their work. An employee location tracker makes it easy for a manager to judge and differentiate between efficient and inefficient employees.

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