5 Reasons Why Field Force Tracking is The Future of Sales Management!

When managers don’t have a slight clue about their field staff, how can one even think of managing them? Such has been the story of sales management, more often if it includes field staff. But the digital thrust in the last few years has provided one solution for field employees in form of Field Force Tracking System.

This is a specifically innovated solution that strengthens the core basics of management system through real time data accessibility and proficient location tracking. Let’s dive a bit deeper to explore the possibilities of sales management under this incredible tool. This will decisively change the future of sales for the better.

Sales Management is actually an undermined business issue that has been haunting small and (at times) large businesses alike. If a business is conducting its sales operations efficiently, the business will seamlessly leap ahead with the help of flawless revenue management.

It is really disappointing to say but the sales are the most hectic and complicated part of a business. No wonder then to find many businesses struggling and collapsing with time just due to poor sales productivity. Every year, many businesses get buried due to the dearth of sales and over burdened revenue deficit. The reason is basically one or the same for 90% of those business i.e. poor sales productivity.

What’s the Problem?

As I said, if a manager is not aware of about his team’s activities while working on the field, he could never manage them productively. In the end, all the manager can do is to satisfy his frustration by expelling the poor performers. But does it really resolve the basic issue? No it doesn’t, and to be honest, it is hardly anywhere close to being a solution. Forget about the solution, it doesn’t even tell a thing or two about what’s the actual ‘problem’ behind it.

The activities of an employee till he works in the office are captured with various tools. Just for random monitoring of their work from time to time and manage them productively. Even though, an employee working in the office premise is always under your radar. Still, many companies practice the monitoring tools to ensure that the team is working in the way it is ought to work. So that the business doesn’t suffocate under lethargic sales process.

The sales process is an organized effort which needs to be constant and consistent. So, when your staff works on the field, you must possess an authority to direct them to extract better results. Yet most of the businesses have realized the importance of monitoring but nevertheless ignorant about their field productivity. Most sales managers gradually come to terms with the lack of transparency of the field activities and accepted it as a part and parcel of field sales.

Field Force Tracking – The Future of Sales Management!

Field Force Tracking is essentially a way to maintain transparency and this is the reason which makes it a brighter prospect for the management of your sales force. Transparency is the root of this problem and if one could successfully tackle it, the sales manager will become a lot easier and convenient.

The combination of location tracking system and sales automation together creates a real time sales management system that provides an incredible grasp over the sales team. Thereby, increasing the productivity of the field sales team to a great extent.    

Reasons Why Field Force Tracking is Flawless Management Solution!

  • Tracking the Field Force  

It is actually a big problem for a manager to find out where his team is located at any moment. But GPS location tracking has really made it easy for the managers to keep their eyes on the team members while they are working far off. Such accessibility goes a long way in establishing a health management system. The fact that all smartphones come equipped with GPS tracking system makes it even easy for use.

  • Real Time Accessibility

When you talk about knowing the location of your employees, you also need to get updated about their changing locations as they are always on the move. So unless you have real time notifications of their progress, it will be really hard to keep a tab of every team member individually. Hence, it is always better to receive those updates as soon as they occur on the field which makes you aware of the proceedings. This allows you to manage the sales activities in a real time.   

  • Time Management

One big concern about the field sales process is that it consumes more time than what one would actually expect it to take. Few team members become habitual of wasting their working hours while traveling from one place to another. When a person knows that there is no way the manager could figure out the time he wasted during the working hours, he would take it easy. But if a manager has the specific details of how each team member spends his working hours by tracking his activities throughout the time he is supposedly working, it can really make a big difference.

  • Expenditure Management

Field force, as the name suggests, is actively engaged in the field jobs. You need to provide expenditure for travel expense and other conditional expenditures for the field employees. That is arguably difficult to maintain.

Why so? Because there is no precise way of calculating the traveling distances and occasional instances of forged figures are not surprising. The field allowance and distribution can be made easy and precise by using the GPS satellite tracker to measure the total distance covered by a person.

Managing your expenditure is equally important for any type of business. Less expenditure increases profitability and unnecessary spendings must be brought down. The tracking makes sure that both the things are in equilibrium with each other.     

  • Effort Management

Team Efforts always lead to success if they collaborate and complement each other with an organized plan. Individual efforts can’t match the efforts made by the whole team. The tracking and connectivity of field force tracking help in putting a team’s individual efforts with an impeccable coordination. Such that the work never breaks or waits in any case. Teamwork is not found in every team and neither success. So, make sure that your team is quintessentially joining their shoulders together for combined impact. The Employee tracker is actually a game changer in that sense.

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