5 Marketing Challenges Businesses Are Facing Today

One of my friends is running a business and he is in the market over 10 years. Although with all effort and creativity, he has given a stable position to his trade but still many business problems knock his door very often.

In a conversation, I asked him, “what problems did you face in your business largely?”. He said,”Solution of a problem today can become a problem tomorrow for your business”.

Well, in such frequently changing technological world, leveraging a particular set of ideas can bring down a business in no time hence it is important for entrepreneurs to be updated with the ongoing market strategies. Whether you have a well settle business or startup business, some of the following problems will always try to ruin your goal anyway:

How to bring traffic and convert them into leads?

Audiences make the foundation of any business, therefore it is important to keep a persistent attention over whether they are taking interest on your website or not. The more website conversion the more revenue generation hence the content to be presented should absolutely meet people’s needs and wants.

But, how to prepare such high-quality content and promote it correctly, is a great business challenge today. people’s demands are changing day by day and they try to get an idea about your goods or services firstly through the content available on your website only. Once they are satisfied with your content they would automatically come forward to the transaction phase but if they aren’t then it will be a fine loss for you.

Solution: There are many software tools available in the market that help you to track audience’s interest and also where they are staying long on your website. The user engagement tool helps to fetch data of user interest and returns value. It can also be used to optimize the landing page and other pages of website.

Easy accessibility of resources introducing more competition

Gone are the days when people had to invest weeks, months or years to start a business. Now one can start a business within a couple of days that too with maximum resources available on-line at reasonable amount. This simplicity has pushed a great volume to run with the competition having intention to put a successful business. But are all of them successful? Of course no! Starting a business can be easy today but to be progressive into it is a difficult task.

Solution: The successful entrepreneurs are not off this way of using on-line resources. They follow the same path but with some additional tactics. To keep your business revenue graph up, you need to focus upon the ideas top marketers are following and incorporate those ideas into your business.

Transparency in staff work

It is hard to ensure productivity even if business staff is present at the workplace during working hours because they might be busy doing their personal work. The sales reps contributes largely in business growth. Their less responsible attitude towards job can be a reason of company’s slumping sales. Also, authentic data about each sales activity is important for managers to know as it helps them to take correct business related decisions. How to keep track of field-force in real time?

Solution: The employee sales tracking software is a great help to track all sales activities of off-line sales staff in real time. With the help of this software solution, the manager can calculate which sales executive is dealing which prospect and how long a meeting takes to get deal done. This real time authentic data helps manager to implement perfect business decisions which can add into the growth rate of organization.

Frequent implementation of technological advancement

All your time,effort and cost may go in vain if you are a step down from your competitors in technological awareness. Digitalization is taking place everywhere that too at quite faster rate. Since all businesses are being run online nowadays and following some kind of technical implementation hence an entrepreneur must be in touch with all the ever-changing technology that can bring business. But which technology is important to your business and how much you can pay are the considerable points.

Solution: In present competitive world, new technologies are being evolved every next second but implementing all those into your business model is simply the waste of time and money. The best way to make your position among top market leaders is to do a detailed analysis on the technical strategies used by who are giving your business a tough competition and incorporate the new logical ideas based on this data.

Presenting your business to international market

Before you show your service or product to someone, first you need to understand his/her persona. Everyone is different in some manner and they expect things from you which ican fulfill their needs. When you expand your business and reach to the international market; you must create your content according so that your website can get maximum traction. Though I know it is challenging to create such diversified content but if you have a dream to grow your business in your heart, you will have to follow these painful ways.

Solution: Suppose you are running your business in India and want to expand it to America as well, the very first thing you should do is garner a comprehensive information about your competitors there like how they present their website, what are the landing pages on those websites and what type of tone they are using in their content etc. This data can help you to shape your content strategy.

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