Why Organizations Need Proper Coordination Between Sales And Support

While sales and support are the part of the same unit, they work in an isolated manner. How do you calculate their value? So, you think that the ability to close more deals in less time and winning attitude both together define the perfect salesperson, right? And, I feel you will assuredly agree with that … Read more

Challenge Your Team For Field Task And Manage Them With Field Force Automation!

Does your team work hard enough that utilizes the best in them? Well, if not then you must make sure that your team does well and they will do well only if you challenge them to do a task. Employees are the most important resource of the company. They only bring you business and take … Read more

Change Your Employee’s Mindset From ‘Have To Go’ To ‘Want To Go’ For The Workplace!

‘I will recover faster at home than at hospital’, likely the story of every patient! Ever took interest to know why? It’s simply because of the delightful atmosphere at home which is pretty tough to find in any hospital. Now let’s talk about the workplaces. As per the study, 69% workers feel like a massive … Read more