These Signs Are A Sure Signal That Your Best Employee Is Planning To Leave

A good and dedicated employee is leaving the organization – is a bad signal and can hamper business productivity to a great extent. Before hiring an employee four points are important to keep in mind. These are checking for integrity, smartness, passion and fit in the office culture. Once you find the candidate strong in … Read more

Field Awareness Does Matter in Employee Management!

There is nothing which can be held as completely useless. Anything that you deem useless could offer something invaluable but only if you pursue a right approach to see it. A survey conducted by the reputed National Business Research Institute (NBRI) in Texas revealed an interesting data from many small and mid scale business organizations. … Read more

This Employee Management Hack Will Definitely Eliminates Employee Burnout!

Every employee dream of a place where he is being rewarded and everyone will take his point of view and listen to his ideas. Isn’t it? Yes, actually every one dream of a place where he gets everything he wants but does this can be achieved easily? Same goes for a company, every company wants … Read more

Employee Location Tracking to Not Let Your Field Employees ‘Not Work’!

The idea of employee location tracking might not appear as a bright prospect, but many companies won’t agree with the notion. Today, let me share a good little lesson which I had learned during childhood. At times, accessibility is needed for sustenance and nothing more than that… Why does a business CCTV monitoring systems installed … Read more

Employee Location Tracking Will Save You From Paying Your Employee For Lost Time!

An easy way to keep in touch with employees details is Employee Location Tracking!! Let’s See how! When you hire employees and give them work and tasks, what do you expect from them and what you want to give them in return for their hard work? Don’t you think that the amount of work done … Read more

Employee Location Tracking: Best Tool To Amp Business Productivity

How will you define better business productivity? In simple language, business productivity is when organization executes each plan as per company’s strategic management successfully.  Okay, now anything else that you find more important or can say equally important when it comes to Business Profits? Research shows organizations having properly workplace-engaged employees records considerable growth in … Read more

Track Employee Location In A Way That Eases Volume Of Work For Both Manager and Sales Employee!

‘Employee location’!? Does this word give employees chill to the bone and they feel uncomfortable that their location is being shared with his employer? Well, it happens and some employers feel that it is not right for him to track their employee’s location, as the reason can be any like they trust them, they know … Read more

How To Overcome And Counter With Right Answers In Sales!

The Sale is a process which cannot be learned within few days. To be a great and self-sufficient sales executive you need to practice selling for years and years and then somewhere around the corner you get the desired results. The toughest part of any sales is controlling buyer’s objection. Being a salesperson, you often … Read more

Try Being an Employee Manager and Not Just a Boss!

If you believe that you own your employees completely, than you are outrightly unfair and greedy a person to be managing them . This nevertheless flawed and untowardly attitude to with your employees can’t produce good results ever. The argue in support of their wrong practice by picking up points conveniently to manipulate an assumption to … Read more