How to Get Better Sales Productivity From the ‘Same’ Team?

No two persons have equal abilities, neither are their efficiencies the same. In simple words, the output produced by two different persons varies depending upon their individual abilities. While the prospects remain the same, it takes smart management to make the best out of it. There are managers who are blown away by the pressure … Read more

Why Tracking Is Not Bad For Your Business?

Those who think tracking lacks privacy and is not fit into the business, are wrong!! Employee tracking is totally fine and legal. Being a business owner it is his right and duty to know where is his employee. A fleet manager cannot rescue and run away from getting tracked. It also makes them feel relaxed … Read more

Coordinate With Your Ambitious Employees As They Bring Business!

“The role of the CEO is to enable people to excel, help them discover their own wisdom, engage themselves entirely in their work, and accept responsibility for making change. – Vineet Nayar” Are you fed up of answering your employees’ multiple questions? Do you consider these questions silly? Is it stressful for you to communicate … Read more

5 Field Productivity Issues You Need to Resolve to be a ‘Super Manager’!

There are two ways to view things, one is optimistic and the other is pessimistic. Though the views don’t alter the problem by any mean, but nonetheless, they can influence the impact that those problems inflict upon a person. Field Productivity has been one big issue that afflict business growth because of the pessimist approach … Read more

Field Staff Tracking Touches 79% in the Market Graph

Sales Team Tracking
“According to a survey, before year 1997 only 35% companies used the field force tracking software while today around 80% of the top organizations prefer monitoring their employees for a perfect schedule management.” Keeping tabs on the email use, productivity and phone calls by the sales reps give the employer a clear idea about exactly … Read more

Do You Know That A Sales Activity Tracker Eases Your Workload?

Tracking sales activity of your staff is critical when they are on the field for work. A businessman is always under the pressure of making his team productive and make efforts to bring out the best from them. But that doesn’t come handy, one has to make efforts to be a part of the race … Read more

5 Powers That Will Transform Any Ordinary Field Manager Into a ‘Super Manager’!

A few days ago, I was watching a funny stand-up act about the helpless condition of the Field Managers about their work. It went like, “A Field Manager is the most helpless person you can ever find. He doesn’t have a clue how to do what he is being paid to do.” And if you … Read more

DSR Automation: Best Business Process to Increase Transparency

The exponential rate of technological advancement is growing so fast. There was a time when the businesses were limited within certain parameters but now, for each new problem there is a technical solution. People are entirely dependent upon machines to perform tasks. One side, technology is a great help to reduce human efforts and time … Read more

What Mistakes Could You Avoid While Tracking Employees With Smartphone Apps?

Every big company has an internet. The internet helps an organization to connect to the world and make their work easier, from an employee to his manager everyone uses the internet for performing his/her duty. Usage of the internet is a way wider than you can think, you can use in your systems to smartphones … Read more