Teamspoor – A Seamless Vehicle Tracker for Proficient Supplies and Distribution Channels

Any business that includes transportation or distribution of supplies often suffers from the field management issues. A proper supply and distribution chain essentially aims to ensure fluent and uninterrupted supplies to fulfill the market demands. It is a very important task especially for the Retail Sector which directly deals in consumer based products. If a … Read more

How TeamSpoor Can Be A Boon Both For On-field Sales Teams And Their Managers?

Sales team moves the cart of your business and hence you remain in a high radar. Needless to say why the performance of your sales team matters to you more than anything else. People with business acumen keep a proper strategy at place and think of driving the optimal productivity and efficiency. Think of a … Read more

Usage of TeamSpoor in Logistics Industry

Logistics industries deal with the transportation of goods or products on-time from the place of construction to the place of consumer in order to accomplish user needs and wants. These products can be anything like books, clothes, machines, kitchen appliances, food items, electronic devices etc. Courier services, delivery services and many other are listed among … Read more

Usage Of TeamSpoor In Service/Repair Industry

A manager’s life is not an easy one, he has a lot of things to do. He has to set objectives, organize people to accomplish the task, motivates people, measure the target, develop the people and to manage his field staff. To get things done he needs face-to-face meeting but with so much responsibility it … Read more

Location Sharing: Best Way to Encourage Your Sales Team

It is very important to keep sales team motivated as they make the foundation of the business developing healthy and positive relations with the clients. Every sales manager dreams for a highly motivated sales team which is always ready to put 100% effort even for the impossible goals. But, this type of situation is hard … Read more

Optimize Your Business Model With The Help Of Daily Sales Report

Many people start a business thinking that they will conquer the world by just opening their computer and making few contacts. But, your business success is the end result of all the hard-work you put in. The more efficient and hard-working you are, the more likely you generate profits and overall success. But, with being … Read more

Concept of Field force Automation And Its Benefits Unleashed In The Simplest Terms

While the saying that an era of automation has cut-down on the need for manpower holds water, the fact that the automation has increased the efficiency and productivity cannot be ignored. Field-force automation is one such term that has been used often for automating the tasks of sales team working on the field so that … Read more

Why Field-force Tracking App is Way Smarter than Device Based GPS Tracking?

What is App based field-force tracking? The field-force tracking is more than tracking through GPS devices. Along with tracking real-time location, this solution helps sales staff with more additional features like marking attendance on time from anywhere, sharing real-time authentic information with the upper management, sending data to the third party via webhook whenever something … Read more