Employee Location Tracking to Not Let Your Field Employees ‘Not Work’!

The idea of employee location tracking might not appear as a bright prospect, but many companies won’t agree with the notion. Today, let me share a good little lesson which I had learned during childhood. At times, accessibility is needed for sustenance and nothing more than that…

Why does a business CCTV monitoring systems installed in their offices?

You know what! This is no different than employee location tracking. Just that you don’t trace them on the field but inside the campus. The reluctance is not much but just having an eye work wonders to regulate the employees as such. But same can’t be said about the field activities.

Ok, let’s make it a bit imaginative for you, how you would feel if office employees were behaving like the one above in the very hard worked graphic.

The same mentality often torments your team on whole. There are two mentalities of people after they end up second to someone else. First are those who accept the fact that their efforts ended up second to someone else’s effort. Such people learn their lessons and rectify them for better results.

When I was small, I along with all other friends of neighboring localities enjoyed which were grown in a garden kept by an old lady. She was really kind and sweet natured women. She gave us fruits when we took the break while playing on the nearby playground. I don’t think she ever refused anyone for fruits and she seemed happy to do so as if it was one of the rare joyous affairs of her life.

She had no family member living with her. She just had one maid to serve the household duties and lived with her in the same house. The Lady shared very good understanding with her maid, and her maid too respected and cared for her with all the sincerity.

As obvious as it was, we didn’t hesitate to leverage her gentle nature and jumped away with fruits climbing randomly from tree to a couple or even more times a day. As she was old, she didn’t have the quickness to respond. This helped us escape, but soon this turned out to hands and there were a lot of damages suffered by the trees, and their surrounding due to this wildness of ours. Even though we never said accepted that it was done by us, and rather blamed the slum area kids for this rude behavior. But soon, the lady stopped giving us the fruits as she was damn certain that the damage was done by us.

Once, she caught us red handed to my surprise being well prepared to catch us red handed and shouted at us “You do it every day you monsters, my poor fruits!!!”  I couldn’t move and didn’t even utter a word for two minutes straight, with my facing down in shame of the guilt. We all knew we are at fault. This attitude is the specialty of childhood,

To my surprise, the lady didn’t show any anger. “Son, you all are like my grandchildren, these fruits are all yours too. I have grown them for years so that they give us the fruits. But I am aghast to see your poor behavior. You should all have this moral duty to eat the fruits sensitively. You pluck away baby fruits, flowers, buds, leaves and even branches when you keep jumping from place to place. What’s the point of damaging non-edible parts of these trees? By doing so, you are not being respected for the generosity of the tree which instead gives you these tasty fruits without being the complaint. Do you think this is a right to behave you don’t even deserve them?”

That was a pretty long (considering our age at the time) but nevertheless, a reasonable argument which made us apologize for the same instant. Thought, we vowed not to harm the tree and it’s fruiting by any mean either directly or indirectly but at the end of the day, we were kids. Being kids, we did the most kid like thing, which was “kidding” around.

Soon, the lady hired a guard just for the garden. And thereafter, we could never be mischievous. But it was our mistake to be blamed for this. I remember how guilty I felt at that time but the lesson that their old lady gave, serves us a lesson for the rest of our life. We were eating the fruits from the same tree which we didn’t care about. The same can be said about those employees working on the field. We all are4 human and we don’t act responsibly unless we get a sense of responsibility. Which is really hard if you don’t set up a guard for that purpose?

But there’s more headache about tracking than just the transparency and somehow, it is also the problematic part of tracking. Tracking is a wire which can hurt if not handle with caution. It is necessary to not overdo it beyond permissible limits. Try to use it because no let your employee “not work.” And it can never get any better because your employee knows that he can be held accountable for his field activities. And trust me, that is just enough for you to make them realize their responsibilities…

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